who is the laziest person in the world

Who is the Laziest Person in the World

We can’t deny the fact that laziness is inherent to us, humans. It’s a natural feeling where we feel tired and don’t want to do anything but just sit back and relax. There’s nothing wrong … Read More

How Do I Get Rid of My Short Temper

We are emotional beings. Sometimes we feel happy, sad, excited, or anxious. But one of the hardest emotions to control is anger. Not only does this overpower our senses and make us do things we … Read More

Is self pity a sign of narcissism?

Is Self Pity a Sign of Narcissism

We all have different personalities. Some are kind, emotional, hot-tempered, proud, or maybe melancholic. These are standard traits people have. And one of the most controversial ones is those with a narcissistic personality. But what … Read More

is it OK to feel sorry for yourself

Is It OK to Feel Sorry for Yourself?

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Why Do People Feel Sorry for Themselves

Why Do People Feel Sorry for Themselves

We are emotional beings. Sometimes we feel sad, happy, excited, or anxious. These are all normal and we already know the reason we feel this way. But what if we feel sorry for ourselves? And … Read More

What are Signs of Frustration

What are Signs of Frustration

We are emotional beings and we can’t deny the fact that we feel low at times. That is completely normal because we can’t always be happy. Life happens and we go through challenges and hardships. … Read More

is procrastination just laziness

Is Procrastination Just Laziness?

There comes a time when we feel like not doing anything. We just sit back, relax, and think of nothing but pure peace and void. It sounds nice. But what if we need to do … Read More