How Do I Change My Mindset from Negative to Positive

Last Updated on October 24, 2022

There comes a time when we struggle with negative thinking. That’s normal because we’re human, and we feel different emotions. But what if you’re becoming too much of a negative thinker? And it’s making you unproductive and too laid back?

Not only will this impact your mental and physical health. But this can also ruin your career and relationships!

That is why we need to answer the age-old question of “How do I change my mindset from negative to positive?”

That’s what we’ll discuss in this article, so you can control your mindset and become an optimist.

Work on your progress

Living life isn’t a one-shot to success. We go through different stages to achieve our goals. We need to work hard for it. We need to accept the fact that success comes slowly and in due time.

We go through a stage-by-stage development before we reach a certain point. Remember this always, so you won’t feel bad about yourself.

It might seem like the path is still very long. But note that this is normal, and we need to traverse the long path to reach our goals. Track your progress and note your achievement no matter how small they are.

Accept imperfection

Another reason people have a negative mindset is that they want to be perfect. We are human, and it’s normal to be imperfect.

No one is perfect. But this doesn’t mean we can’t try to become one. Of course, we can. But we also need to know that we have our shortcomings and weaknesses. You might not be good at math and you failed at a certain subject.

That’s normal because not everyone is good at arithmetic. Chances are that you’re good at art, science, or other disciplines.

Accept imperfection and know that you can excel in other areas. Don’t get preoccupied with what you’re not good at. Instead, look at the areas where you can excel.

Avoid black and white thinking

Black and white thinking is the habit of viewing yourself as a complete success or failure in different situations.

It’s just between these two things and there’s no in-between. You can be happy yourself today. And then feel bad and depressed on the next day. Avoid this habit because life doesn’t work that way.

Just relax and don’t be too emotional. What usually happens is that you can just be doing good and average. That’s not a bad thing, though! Just remember to work on your tasks properly and finish them on time and as expected.

Don’t jump to conclusions

Jumping to conclusions can be good sometimes because you can expect what can happen. But this isn’t good if you make it a habit.

It can just stress you up and put you in deeper trouble. It’s also an irrational way of looking at people and situations.

Don’t judge. Learn to assess things and study patterns on movements and mood and you’ll see that life becomes much easier. You will also have a clearer mind if you don’t keep on overthinking.

Turn negative thoughts into positive

turn negative thoughts into positivePin

This tip might sound vague. But it’s one of the core lessons to learn if you want to ditch away negativity.

Look at the brighter side of every situation. And be grateful for anything instead of complaining about a certain object or event.

You can always turn unfavorable situations into good ones by taking it easy and fixing solutions. It might be hard at first.

But it can become an easy habit once you become used to it. Identify your problems, evaluate them, and learn how you can fix them. Just look at the other side of life and you’ll see that it’s much easier and brighter.

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Be mindful

Learning how to be mindful is another important thing to remember if you want to become a positive person.

This means that you need to use your mind instead of your emotions and feelings. This will help you a lot because it will promote logical decisions instead of impulse reactions. Detach yourself from your thoughts and emotions and just treat them as outside factors.

Treat them as objects that merely float through you you have full control of. You can stop them or get rid of them if you don’t want them in your life.

Being mindful is all about gaining control of yourself by limiting emotional reactions and letting your brain take over. This will help you get rid of complicated things that can create problems.

Accept criticism

We are all humans, and we are imperfect. We must accept imperfection as a fact of life. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t do something correctly. You fix and improve it if you like. Just don’t let it overpower you and lead to depression.

Also, expect to receive criticisms because these can help improve yourself. Don’t see criticisms as insults.

Instead, treat them as advice and suggestions that help you turn your weaknesses into strengths. Criticism is all about knowing your faults so that you can get rid of them. Treat them as a way for you to become better, whether in your career or personal self.

Don’t think of yourself as a loser if someone criticizes your actions. It’s about learning the things you must improve on in the most straightforward way possible.


It might sound too simple and obvious, but smiling helps a lot. Smiling changes your mood and makes you feel lighter. This creates a hopeful feeling that lets you see life from a different angle. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like smiling.

Just smile a bit and your mind will automatically become more positive. Smiling also helps relieve stress because you feel lighter knowing that you don’t have to worry too much. You also exert less effort in smiling because you don’t use too many muscles compared to frowning.

Surround yourself with positive people

Birds of the same feather flock together. You might have heard that quote many times already. This saying is very accurate and applies to our daily lives. Be with the people who aim for success in life if you also want to have a successful life.

Avoid people who deal with vices, unproductive things, and negative doings. Sticking to people like this won’t do you any good. Be with the people who can help improve your habits. You must brainstorm with people who think about their future, career, and life.

Talk to people who will push you to strive harder for you to achieve more in life. It might hurt some of your friends who aren’t in this positive network. But it’s worth it because it doesn’t just benefit you, but to theirs as well.

Take responsibility

Don’t be too dependent on other people. Take responsibility and deal with your actions. Be in control of your life and don’t wait for others to tell you how you’ll live your life. Don’t feel too down if you’ve failed at something.

It’s normal to feel sad and disappointed with yourself. But don’t get stuck with it. There is always a way to fix your flaws. You can create your own life so do something about it. Don’t be too consumed with your failures because this will just suck the life out of you.

Treat your failures as lessons that taught you something. And always treat this seriously. Remember them, note your actions, and consider the different outcomes.

You deal with your life so make sure that you are on the right path. You always have a choice. So go for the right choice.


It’s not always about you. Remember that no man is an island. This means that you can’t live a happy and normal life if you don’t create a productive network. And one good way of creating one is by helping someone.

It might seem impractical or unnecessary because you can’t earn or get anything from it. That is true to some extent. But nothing beats the satisfaction you get when you know you helped someone and made them successful.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small thing or an immense help. What’s important is that it’s sincere. You might think that you didn’t get something in return.

But this creates a good rapport and improves your reputation. It also creates goodwill between you and other people. This goodwill can then bounce back to you and benefit you in the future.

Move forward

moving forwardPin

Moving forward is a fact of life. This is a vital lesson to ponder on because nothing is constant. Change happens and you need to adapt to the changes. Don’t be stuck at something just because you failed or you haven’t achieved that goal.

Do something instead to reach your goal and do it in the best way possible. Always move forward and don’t be left behind because this will just create regrets and avenues for negativity. Always thinking about the past will just make you unproductive.

You can’t do anything with the things that happened before because that is already history. But you can do a lot about how you want to live your future. And that is by dealing with the present time. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.

Fix your lapses and turn your weaknesses into strengths. Assess yourself and plan out your schedule and goals whether they be small or big. You can also expect the unexpected, so you won’t be surprised and caught off guard if something already happens.

Sing your worries away

Sometimes you feel down. And you still can’t see the good side of life, no matter how hard you try to be happy. Well, try singing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a wonderful voice or not.

What’s important is that you express your emotions through a song you like. Sing from your heart and don’t worry if you’re in the right tune or not. Singing your worries away makes you feel better.

Just remember to sing a song that has a positive vibe and don’t sing heartbreak songs with lyrics that will just worsen your feelings.

Here are some songs that will bring you a good mood:

  • A Your Adorable
  • Misty
  • We Are the Champions

Music has a potent influence on your emotions especially if the tune and lyrics jibe with your feelings.

List the things you’re grateful for

Think of the things that you are most grateful for and list them down on a sheet of paper. This helps you appreciate your current status in life, even if you still haven’t achieved some goals. Also, seeing the things that you have now makes you appreciate yourself.

You can then feel proud of your accomplishments because you see the things you’ve achieved. Remember that you can’t achieve everything in just one going. Sometimes you have to wait for something before they happen or arrive.

Just note that you have what you need. Think of the time when you have nothing. You might feel sad because you still haven’t purchased your dream car. If so, think of the time when you still didn’t have any car or when you still didn’t have any money in your bank account.

Read motivational quotes

This might seem another obvious tip. It may sound very simple, but this one’s very effective. Constantly feeding yourself with motivational words will push you to strive harder for your goals. It’s all about surrounding yourself with ideas that inspire you to achieve your dreams.

Yes, they are just words. But words can bring you to places. Read quotes from famous successful people. Internalize them and then follow what they say.

Feed your mind and soul with their words because these are proven effective. Listen to what successful and wise people have to say. You might just read their words now. But someday you’ll just be like them.

Think of yourself if you weren’t negative

Assess yourself and think about what your life would be like if you weren’t a negative person. You’ll most likely see a better version of yourself. Always remember that you have a choice to improve yourself.

Don’t get stuck with your negativity. Think of it as a choice, and you always have the freedom to choose which one to go for. Will you stay as a negative thinker? Or will you look at the brighter side of life? Imagine yourself without all your insecurities and doubts.

You’ll surely see yourself in a much better state. You can also accomplish more achievements in life if you ditch all the negativities. You become confident and have a stronger and better network.

You can also do what you want without feeling afraid of failure. But remember that failure is normal. Just don’t be too discouraged if you didn’t do something properly. Remember that you always improve. Just get rid of your doubts and you’ll be off to a good start.

Focus on new things

Another reason you’re a negative person is because of your priorities. Assess them and evaluate if you need them in your life. Remove them from your schedule if you think that they’re not good for you.

Change your priorities and focus on new things so you can divert yourself from the areas which depress you. Explore the world and try an alternative career path. You can also dive into a new hobby if you think your current past-time is already stressful.

There are many other things you can do in this world. Don’t limit yourself to one person or career option. Be firm enough to leave them if they become the source of your stress.

Believe in yourself

believe in yourselfPin

Sometimes we doubt ourselves. That is normal because we all feel fear. But don’t make this a habit. Change this perspective and believe in yourself. You can achieve wonders you never knew you can.

All you need is determination and confidence to reach your goals. Don’t think of yourself as other people. There might be some people who are better at you in some things. But there are also areas where you can excel.

Remember, these things and know your capabilities. You have your own set of skills and talents. Use them productively and go beyond your comfort zone.

It might be hard at first. But it’s all worth it once you’ve gone past the initial stage. You can doubt your skills sometimes. But use these doubts to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Believe in your lessons and experiences and strive for excellence all the time.


One of the most effective ways to change your negative mindset is to schedule your activities. This removes unnecessary stress because you know what to do at a specific time frame. Your tasks don’t overlap so you can easily focus on them.

This gives you the peace of mind you need to stay positive. Prioritize doing more important tasks and then set the less important ones later.

Make sure that your schedule is also well-sorted so you don’t leave behind crucial appointments. It’s all about productivity and you can become productive if you are an organized person.

Don’t be over-sensitive

Sensitivity is helpful. But it’s not good if you become over-sensitive because you will just get stressed. Over-sensitivity means you get affected by everything you hear and see, even if you don’t need to.

Just let issues pass and don’t make a big deal out of everything. Chances are that other people just don’t care. While you think that it matters a lot and will affect your life.

You can notice things as they happen. But don’t let it come to a point where your feelings are overwhelmed.

There can even be times where you can’t anymore because you are very much affected with what people say about you. Avoid this at all costs if you want to become a positive person.


So, how do I change my mindset from negative to positive?

Simple, and that is to be satisfied with your life and to surround yourself with productive and successful people. You also need to set goals, create organized schedules, and strive for continuous improvement. Doing all these things can help you achieve your goals faster.

Answering the age-old question of “How do I change my mindset from negative to positive” is vital to improving your life. Don’t get stuck with your failures.

Look at the bright side because there’s more to life. Also, throw in bits of self-discipline and confidence and you’ll be off to a good start.

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