How Do I Get Rid of My Short Temper

Last Updated on May 15, 2021

We are emotional beings. Sometimes we feel happy, sad, excited, or anxious. But one of the hardest emotions to control is anger.

Not only does this overpower our senses and make us do things we thought we can’t. But this can also damage our lives if we come to a point where we hurt other people because of our anger.

So, how do I get rid of my short temper?

Well, it’s not that easy. But it’s also not impossible. You just need to be patient, think of positive things, and have a logical goal in mind to stay positive. They’re surefire ways to control your temper. But you also need to couple these with a few handy tips, so you can have a cooler mind.

Here are some of the other tips you can try to avoid losing your temper.

Get some cardio exercise

This might seem far-fetched, but it’s an effective way to get rid of your short temper. Head outside and do cardio exercise if you think your heartbeat rises. The best cardio exercises you can try are jumping jacks, push ups, and jogging.

You can do this anywhere, whether it be in your room, backyard, or office alleyway. The principal goal here is to de-stress and forget about your temporary emotions with the help of your exercise.

Your heartbeat slows down and you feel better because you stop thinking too much about your problem. Do this regularly, and you’ll notice you’ll be more patient with different people and circumstances.

Scream into your pillow

Another effective way to get rid of your short temper is to scream into your pillow. This avoids arguments and fights with other people. Because you can forward your anger to your pillow, instead of other people.

This lowers the chances of you screaming into other people and getting into a physical fight with them. It’s a pleasant way to get loose of some steam without worrying about any bad consequences.

What’s great about screaming into a pillow is its soft and safe. You don’t have to worry about injuries! You don’t even have to punch a wall and hurt your hand just because you’re angry.

Get a cold shower

You can also lower down your temper if you get a cold shower. Head straight to the bathroom, turn on the shower, and close your eyes.

Don’t think about anything and just feel the gentle touch of the pouring cool water from the shower.

Many reports have already proven that cold-water immersion removes mental and physical stress. It also redirects your anger to the cold water and makes you feel better. It’s all about soothing yourself and relaxing your muscles so you’ll feel better.

Deep breathing

deep breathingPin

Deep breathing is another effective way to get rid of your short temper. Practice deep breathing by inhaling and exhaling heavily if you are stressed. You can also pattern your breathing by inhaling twice before exhaling one time.

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This lowers the chances of stomach pain caused by your anger. It also puts your mind in a calm state because you get enough oxygen supply from your surroundings. It’s best if you’re outdoors or in a place surrounded by plants or trees.

The gentle breeze of air coming from the plants along with their green vegetation makes you feel better. It can also relax your eyesight and lower down your stress levels.


Sometimes we don’t want to apologize because we know we didn’t do anything wrong. Yes, that’s right because it helps maintain your pride. But there is really no problem in apologizing. It’s a proven way of settling disputes and fixing arguments.

It’s not really a big deal if you apologize even if you did nothing wrong. A simple apology lets others see that you are humble and mature enough to settle any argument so that it won’t lead to any further stress. It’s also a nice way to improve yourself.

After all, we aren’t perfect, right? Use this as a chance to turn your weaknesses into strengths while avoiding further drama.

Take a break

Stop what you’re doing if you think that your temper rises. Take a break, get off the scene, and just close your eyes and relax on a couch. Do nothing for around 5 to 10 minutes. This can calm you down. It also stops yourself from reacting illogically.

Taking a break helps you regain your bearings and think and talk rationally. Remember that you can’t work properly if you are under pressure or if you’re angry.

Pushing yourself to work with a hot head only puts you in danger because you risk doing things incorrectly. There’s also a good chance that you’ll get in a fight with other people because of your attitude.

Leave your temper behind

Don’t carry your temper with you. They are called temper because they are temporary bad emotions. Leave them behind and don’t let them drag you down to eternal anger.

There are many other good things in life. And always thinking about things that make you angry won’t do you any good. There is always room for improvement. We also always have a choice.

You can ask for a reassignment in the office if you don’t like someone in your department. You can also just continue with upcoming projects. Do your best to keep your cool instead of endlessly blabbering about annoying things.

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Keep a mood diary

Having a mood diary is a smart way to keep track of your temper. Make it a habit to write down your emotions and feelings daily. You can then review it if you have free time so you know if you had tons of emotional drama.

Also look out for times when aggravated, and times when you remain calm. Assess your emotions and how you deal with specific incidents, so you can avoid unnecessary anger.

Remember that constant anger can suck the life out of you. It exhausts you and drains your energy. It then makes you unproductive and slows down your tracks to success. You can note all these in your diary so that you can avoid emotional outbursts in the future.

Take a walk outside

Exercise is a great stress reliever because your body releases endorphins. These are hormones that make you feel better. You feel lighter and happier with a simple exercise.

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Walking outside might seem simple. But it’s very effective in lowering down your temper. An example of this is if you got in an argument with your co-worker in the office. Instead of just staying inside your cubicle and continue doing your work with them around.

Why not head outside, get some fresh air, and walk? We recommend you go outdoors with green plants around.

You don’t need to spend very long. Ten to 15 minutes is enough to cool your head down, and bring you back to your normal self. This also regulates your breathing because you inhale oxygen needed to regulate your heart rate.

Learn something you love

Learning something new and that interests you calm you down. It also makes you feel better, and it sets up your mood because you are interested in whatever it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of doing something.

It’s better to take a short temporary break from your work and learn something new instead of pushing yourself. Forcing yourself to do something you don’t like makes you more unproductive.

You can also join a class where you can vent out your anger and express your dismay. Examples of these are zumba, running, dancing, and downhill biking. These are activities that help you release tension in a laid back, happy, and active community.

Have a positive mindset

Having a positive mindset helps you get rid of your short temper because you look at things lightly. Don’t be a pessimist because this will just stop you from achieving success.

Be a positive thinker and always look at the bright side. You’ll surely be annoyed and disappointed at some point. But why just look at these negative aspects when there’s a brighter side.

An example of this is failing a subject, and you have to shift to another course in college. It surely sounds bad because you failed, and you can’t continue with your current course. But this also means that you can shift to another course which interests you more and is a better fit for you.

Don’t force yourself into something you’re not really interested in. And failing a subject is a clear sign you’re not a good fit for that degree.

Listen to music

listen to musicPin

Listen to music if you feel that your temper is rising. This detaches yourself from your emotions and makes you jibe with the beat and rhythm of the song. But make sure that the song you’re listening to won’t spark any faulty memories.

We recommend you listen to calm and relaxing songs, so you’ll also feel relaxed. It’s even better to listen to oldies because it gives you a fresh break from our saturated (and noisy) world.

You can also listen to your favorite music if you’re working on something you don’t like. This lowers down your temper and regulates your emotions because you enjoy the music, even if you don’t enjoy your work.

Find a solution

Find a solution to something that makes you always angry. There’s a reason you always feel that way about a specific person, thing, or place. Analyze the situation and fix whatever it is you think is wrong.

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A simple example to this is that you just close your teenager’s room if you’re always annoyed with its mess. You can also call your partner if they don’t text you. Look for a way to avoid the things that make you angry.

Remember that anger isn’t a solution. So better keep your head cool at all times. Every problem has a solution. And it’s up to you to find that solution. Just be patient.


The last thing you’d do is to smile if your temper flared. That’s normal because we frown and feel angry if we’ve lost our bearings and get mad. But that doesn’t mean we’d stay that way.

It might seem awkward, weird, and crazy to smile if you’re angry. But that’s a good way to stop your anger from further flaring up. Take it easy and think of the good things in life. Go beyond the thought of anger and just relax.

Don’t let your anger overpower you. Take a deep breath and smile. You might think you look crazy and stupid because you smile even if you’re in a tense situation.

Don’t worry because you aren’t crazy or stupid. You’re just wise and mature enough to think how you can control your temper for everyone’s benefit.

Do not overthink

Overthinking might be good because this helps you deeply analyze situations. But this isn’t good if you make it a habit. It only makes you anxious and worrisome. Don’t overthink because this only complicates things.

Think logically and straightforwardly instead. Get rid of any unnecessary baggage on your mind and think about what’s important. Never worry too much because this will just stop you from completing your tasks.


We all have our own temper tolerance. Some are patient enough to calm themselves down even if they are under immense stress and annoyance. But there are also some who easily lose their temper.

How do I get rid of my short temper?

Easy. Just be patient, have a positive mindset, and look for a solution. Don’t overcomplicate things and think in a logical and straightforward way. Think of the consequences of your temper.

Knowing the answer to the question, “How do I get rid of my short temper?”, is important. It makes us feel happier, relaxed, and more productive in life. It’s all about keeping your cool all the time so your irrational temper won’t overcome your normal self.

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