How Do I Get Rid of Negative Thoughts in a Relationship

Last Updated on October 31, 2022

Relationships are a roller coaster ride. It is not a bed of roses where you just feel eternal bliss and happiness with your partner and have cute chit-chats and cuddles all your life. You go through different life experiences and know what it’s like to live the real life.

Yes, it feels good to be in a relationship because you have your partner in crime. You also have someone to talk to in times of trouble and a partner you can achieve your dreams with.

But then again, sometimes you get these negative thoughts. These are normal because we are thinking individuals. Sometimes we become skeptical and doubt our feelings for our partner. There may also be a point where you aren’t sure if your partner is all-in on you.

Don’t worry too much if you have these thoughts because everyone experienced these. What you must do now is to know the answer to the age-old question: How do I get rid of negative thoughts in a relationship?

Be happy

This sounds very obvious. But believe it or not, happiness is the best and simplest way to get rid of any negative thoughts. Stay happy and you won’t be stressed into thinking if your partner loves you or if they’re already bored with you.

Look at the good side of life and just be jolly and joyful. This creates a positive vibe in your relationship where your partner also feels happy with you.

Remember that couples usually share the same feelings. So if you are happy, then it’s most likely that your partner is also happy.

It might feel weird to stay this way in the beginning because you force yourself. But you’ll get the hang of it eventually. It’s all a matter of perspective and attitude to life.

Spend more time with your partner

Another effective way to ditch negative thoughts is to spend more time with your sweetheart. Go on a date on a Friday night or travel with your partner over the weekends.

You don’t have to spend too much just to spend time with them. Instead, you just need to have quality time together. It doesn’t matter if you’re just spending an hour or two every day at their house.

What’s important is that you share mutual time. Talk to them regularly. Watch a movie together as you eat popcorn or some snack. Or maybe cook your favorite dish and then eat it together.

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Spend time with your partner to know them more. You know their attitude, personality, ideas, and thoughts. This then helps you get rid of negative thoughts about your partner because you know how they act and think.

Spice up your relationship

Relationships can get boring. You might have started with an extreme flare that you seemed very much addicted to each other’s presence and touch. But this slowly fades through time.

There is nothing wrong with your relationship if you feel this way. This is normal and everyone experiences this. You will soon grow tired of each other and find it boring to spend time together. But you can avoid this by spicing up your relationship.

Examples of this are by learning new techniques to make love in bed. You can also look for new past-time that the both of you can enjoy together. Or perhaps go on an adventure with friends like climbing mountains or scuba diving.

There are many activities out there that you can try out. You just need to be creative and think outside the box. Bring back the passion that you once had by spicing things up. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with your partner.

Learn from your experiences

Learn from your past experiences so you’ll know what to expect in your relationship. Know your weaknesses and that of your partner’s. Analyze every past situation and look for ways to avoid the negative experiences you had.

Learn from it and turn your weaknesses into strengths. It’s all about finding ways to have a better relationship.

Never settle for mediocrity. Strive to be better so that your partner will love your move and vice versa. Maintaining a healthy relationship is about learning from your experiences so that you can solidify your connection with each other. 

Be hopeful

Know that there are better days ahead even if you are both in a bad time. Life happens and there are times when we are down. Think of relationships as a rollercoaster. Sometimes you are up. Sometimes you are down.

Visualize the future with your partner and assess your assets, skills, and career. Create goals that you’ll achieve along with your partner. Plan out your dream house, dream car, and the number of children you’ll have.

You need to maintain a healthy and positive outlook in life so you can have a happy relationship. Don’t think that things will be harder if you get married.

There are surely complex challenges along the way. But life is surely more beautiful if you have your life partner beside you all the time. It might seem annoying at times. But that’s part of life. It’ll surely be more annoying and depressing if you spend your entire life alone, right?

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Practice optimism

Ditch negative thoughts and pessimism. Be an optimist and know that you can achieve your dream life together with your partner. Create a positive mindset in your relationship. There’s a chance that both of you might be pessimists.

Change that mindset and know that there’s so much more to life than just doubts. Improve yourself so that your partner will also feel compelled to become better. Be courteous to other people, and be generous smartly.

This speeds up the process to ultimate success. Know that other people will help you out if ever you go through any financial crisis. All these give you a positive perception of life and helps you shun away bad thoughts.

Stay fit and healthy

exercising couplePin

You need to stay fit and healthy if you want to be in a happy relationship. Being obese or overly thin won’t do you any good because this limits your physical capabilities. You also feel bad about yourself because you think you’re not that good-looking enough.

It’s all about confidence. Don’t think that your partner will not love you if you become fat. They won’t feel that way if they love you. But that also doesn’t mean that you can just forget proper grooming because your partner will still love you no matter what you look like.

Practice proper hygiene and maintain a fit body so your partner will be happier. Make it a habit to maintain a proper diet and don’t eat too many sweets or oily meals.

Eat fruits, vegetables, and limit your carbs so you won’t look bloated. Not only will this benefit your physical and mental health. But this also motivates your partner to live a healthy lifestyle so you’ll also be happier with them.


This is the key to a successful relationship. Trust goes a long way because this gives you the peace of mind you need to be happy and content with your loved one.

You might have trust issues because of experiences. But life is fleeting and there’s no need to worry about this if you have worked things out with your partner. 

Life happens and accepts it. Don’t let experiences overpower your senses because this will just drag you down. Always remember that your partner will not do any bad thing if they love you.

There’s no point to have negative thoughts about them if you think, see, and observe they’re really into you. Don’t put them in a cage and stop them from doing what they do. Let them do as they please but in a disciplined and controlled manner.

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Be more transparent

Transparency is another surefire way to avoid negative thoughts in a relationship. Be transparent and let your partner know what you will do. Also know their activities, appointments, and schedule for the day or week.

But don’t overdo it and be too strict about it. Don’t come to where you always ask them where they are, what they do, or when they reach home. A simple short message will do.

Also, don’t make it a habit to spend too much time on calls. This depends, but the point of being far from each other is to have space and time for yourself.

Anyway, you’re going to see each other soon. So, why bother rushing things up and spoiling the thrill and excitement. Nothing beats personal communication.


So, how do I get rid of negative thoughts in a relationship?

Simple. You just need to remember these five most important things:

  • Optimism
  • Trust
  • Time
  • Healthy living
  • Love

You’ll be good to go if you have these. Make sure that you are happy with your relationship. Talk about your issues with your partner and be happy with them.

Life is so much better if you have someone you love beside you. Remember that relationships don’t need to be stressful. Relationships should help make you a better person.

Take heed of our advice so you don’t anymore ask, “How do I get rid of negative thoughts in a relationship.”

You’ll then surely live a happy and fulfilled life with your loved one all the days of your life.

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