Who is the Laziest Person in the World

Last Updated on December 5, 2022

We can’t deny the fact that laziness is inherent to us, humans. It’s a natural feeling where we feel tired and don’t want to do anything but just sit back and relax.

There’s nothing wrong if you feel like doing nothing. But this goes wrong if it becomes a habit. Laziness sucks the life out of us and stops us from achieving our goals. It limits our capabilities and brings our dreams and aspirations down.

But is laziness that bad? And who is the laziest person in the world? Learn these here as we’ll talk all about laziness and who the laziest person in the world is.

Who is the laziest person in the world?

There is no accurate way to answer this question. There’s just no reliable process that can determine who the laziest person in the world is. However, there are a lot of instances where people showed extreme signs of laziness.

One example is Paul Railton, an Englishman from Corset, England. They featured him in many blogs after a photographer spotted him walking his dog while driving his car.

He’s not technically “walking” his dog, though. Instead, he drove his car with one hand, while his left hand held a leash connected to his dog outside.

According to reports, the incident reached authorities. Railton’s license was then revoked and suspended for six months.

Many similar real-life stories show extreme cases of laziness. It’s just comical and bit appalling to know that there are people who go to great lengths just to save a bit of energy.

Is being lazy bad?

Yes, laziness is not good. It is an unpleasant habit that stops you from becoming a productive person. Not only do you lack the motivation to do good things in your life. But you also become a liability to other people.

You contribute nothing nice to society because you choose to just do nothing. You become idle and you don’t get any work and income to support your lifestyle.

What then happens is you depend on other people to give you money and food. And you still do this even if you have the skills and experience needed to work on a particular job. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get any benefit from being lazy sometimes.

There are good things you can get from this, such as having time for yourself. You can also rest and relax while others do the job for you. These are just a few of the benefits of laziness. But we don’t recommend it! It’s just a wise way to get some downtime from time to time.

Signs of Being a Lazy Person

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Procrastination is the habit of delaying work and working on something until the last minute. This is very common to college students because they have a lot of things to work on.

They don’t anymore know which one to start on first, which is why they just choose to do nothing and postpone their work.

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It might seem like you get a good time to rest and relax. But you’re just making it easier for you. Doing a task with limited time left makes you feel more pressured. There is also a good chance that you’re not doing it right and you have to repeat the task. Isn’t that harder?

Excuses, excuses, excuses

Always giving excuses is another sign of laziness. You always give an excuse on why you can’t do something or why you choose to do it later. And what’s worse is that your excuses are illogical and very petty.

Too much social media

Social media has become the primary form of entertainment today. It’s easily accessible, entertaining, informative, and makes communication easier. There are a lot of benefits you can get from social media. But it’s not good anymore if you overuse it.

Spending too much time on social networking platforms can stress you up. The most popular social networks used today are:

  •  Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

You also become jealous of other people because you can compare your life to theirs. And you keep seeing the perfect lifestyle that features beaches, vacations, good food, and parties, even if it’s all for photo’s sake. Social media gives you an illusion of false reality.

No goals in life

Lazy people don’t have any goals and aspirations in life. They are content in being idle and just staying at home and watching TV or doing nothing.

Some lazy people might have some goals, but these are very petty and nonsense. Some just want to always have fun, ride a bike, or play video games 24/7, with no thought of their future or how they can make money to sustain their lifestyle.

It’s good to have hobbies and past-times, but you need to couple this with hard work. Work-life balance is important for you to have a happy and meaningful life.

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How Laziness Can Make You Successful

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Creativity and ingenuity

Laziness is not a good habit. But you can use this wisely to your advantage! A good example of this is it improves your creativity.

Lazy people are creative with working on tasks. They don’t want to spend too much time on their work, so they shorten this time. They don’t waste any time and they get straight to the point.

Lazy employees easily automate repetitive processes in their workplace. Take note that lazy persons always find monotonous work annoying. So they make sure they don’t get caught up in its boredom. How? By being creative and finishing their job fast!

Lazy people want to make their life easier. People a long time ago were too lazy to dig out the soil. This resulted in the digging machine!

People also became lazy in cleaning. So they invented the vacuum cleaner! It might sound funny, but the saying that lazy people invented the greatest inventions can be true.


Most entrepreneurs consider themselves lazy people. Entrepreneurs are unlike employees who always work hard at the office and spend their time working on specific tasks ‘round the clock.

Business owners come up with projects and ideas because they have lots of time to think about it. They have little to do because they aren’t tied up with a single task or job.

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They think in different areas and simplify work processes to gain higher profits. Working hard is good. But working smarter is better! You can’t easily be rich if you’re just an employee working at the office.

Well, you can. But it’ll take you more time to earn your first million dollars than if you become an entrepreneur. A good example of this is outsourcing work. Why work for just one client if you can work for many?

You might think that this will lead to the lower work quality. Yes, it will. But not if you outsource it and let others do the job for you.

You then pay them a lower amount compared to the amount you get from your client. But you also need to keep one client for yourself, so you still work on something by yourself.

This ensures you maintain your skills. It’s also the safest, smartest, and best way to earn good money!

Get enough rest

Another advantage lazy people have is that they don’t easily get stressed and overworked. Hardworking people always pressure themselves to be the best. They also want to be perfect. We all know that no one is perfect, right?

We are just human and there’s no way we can get rid of errors in work. But this doesn’t mean we can’t improve. We can learn new skills and solve our problems so that we can be better at work.

Lazy people know when to rest because they don’t want to overwork. Overworking isn’t recommended because you don’t function properly.

Your work output’s quality will also decrease because you just force yourself to continue working.

People who always strain themselves age faster and experience memory loss quicker. There is also a study that states intensive exercise and regularly waking up very early can damage your health.


Lazy people are calm. They don’t rush their task because they know that it’s not much of a big deal. They also don’t pressure themselves to finish a certain task way before the deadline because they know that there is the right due date.

They don’t even jump from one task to another. This makes it easier for them to finish their task, unlike others who multitask things.

Lazy people don’t panic. They just keep calm and they don’t easily get distracted. Lazy people also don’t fully commit to any work, so they don’t worry. This helps them calmly do their tasks.

This is important if you want to ensure that your work is done right. It’s good to be a hardworking person. But most of the time, these people overcomplicate things. This then negatively affects their work quality.


This does not apply to all lazy people. But most of them are strong enough to put their emotions aside. They think of the logical side and they don’t let their emotions override their senses.

This helps them focus on whatever it is they’re doing. They also work on their interests and goals, and not those that are imposed by others.

They’re just too lazy to listen to other people’s drama because they know this won’t affect them. This lets them prioritize themselves before others.

Efficiently use technology

There are already many ways to speed up the process of work. We no longer have to do things manually, thanks to the various apps, software, and gadgets that make life easier for us.

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Lazy people have an advantage because they are very good at using these things. This lets them finish tasks faster than normal people.

An example is when they write a document. They don’t write it on paper and send it to the editor, lawyer, manager, or other people, and wait for their comments for revisions. They’ll just create a document using Google Docs and give access to the document via email.

Anyone who has the link can then see it. They can approve it or make necessary corrections simultaneously.

This simplifies the complete process and saves loads of time and energy. It can also make you more productive because you have more time for yourself. This lets you think of creative ideas on how you can make money.


Many people ask, “Who is the laziest person in the world?” It sure is an interesting question. But there’s no way to answer that.

What we have instead are the facts showing that laziness isn’t that bad. You just need to utilize it properly and use it to your advantage. Treat it as a gift that lets you save time for yourself and become more productive in your tasks.

It’s all about working smart and not working hard. Yes, you can work hard all you want. But you’ll still be overtaken by those who work smart. There are many ways to earn money and achieve faster success as long as you stay creative and ingenious.

Don’t limit yourself to areas within your comfort zone. Working as an employee in a company requires tons of hard work in exchange for stability. But your income is limited and is undoubtedly way lower compared to if you’ll become an entrepreneur.

Earning passive income is one of the greatest achievements of lazy people. This means that they still earn money, even if they sleep.

Take this as an inspiration, but don’t go overboard and become lazy in the sense that you don’t want to do anything.

You may ask “who is the laziest person in the world” again eventually. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is you use your time and energy wisely. And focus on working smart instead of working hard.

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