What are Signs of Frustration

Last Updated on May 14, 2021

We are emotional beings and we can’t deny the fact that we feel low at times. That is completely normal because we can’t always be happy. Life happens and we go through challenges and hardships. It might seem sad, but it’s these trials that strengthens us.

This also means that we must know our own emotions so that we know how to overcome them. One good way is to know what are signs of frustration.

That’s what we’ll talk about in this article. Here, we’ll show you the clear signs if you’re frustrated. We’ll also help you overcome frustration so that you’ll be happier and more successful in life.

What Is Frustration?

Frustration is our emotional response to stress and problems. Everyone experiences frustration because that’s what makes us human.

We feel and we become affected by the different factors around us. There are some who experience simple and short-term frustration such as waiting too long in line at the grocery. But there are also some who experience long-term frustration with deeper roots.

Here are some of the most common stressors that lead to frustration:

  • Work stress
  • School stress
  • Failure to achieve a goal
  • Failure to find a solution to a problem
  • Misunderstandings in relationships

Frustrated people easily get frustrated and mad about anything because they can’t achieve something. Always being frustrated can have a negative effect on your life which is why you need to learn how to avoid it.

Knowing What are Signs of Frustration

Knowing What are Signs of FrustrationPin

Short temper

Frustrated people have short tempers because they worry about something. They think too low about themselves and they believe they are inferior to other people.

They also can’t think properly which is why they easily get angry even if they don’t need to be mad. Frustration can affect your mental health because it makes you see your shortcomings. You then easily get annoyed at people, animals, and even social situations.

Incessant body movement

Frustration also leads to weird body movements. Examples of these are tapping fingers and regular sighing. Frustrated people aren’t at ease with themselves because they worry about something.

This can be about their job, school, family, or relationships. Their emotions aren’t at a relaxed state. They then express their worries through insignificant gestures.

Some see this to ease frustration. But it just worsens your worries because you exert unneeded effort in meaningless actions.

Easily give up

There are many frustrated people who easily give up because they have been through sad situations. They compare their current situation with their terrible experiences. And they think that their current actions will cause the same consequences before.

They then think it’s better to just give up and stop whatever it is they’re doing. They don’t want to risk their actions because they don’t want to go through the same hardships they’ve gone through before.

Frustrated people just want to be inside their comfort zone because of the trauma caused by their unpleasant experiences in life.

Always feeling sad

Frustrated people are melancholic. It’s hard for them to smile and be genuinely happy because they have gone through emotional trauma. They remember their terrible experiences in life and they compare it with their current situation.

You won’t easily be satisfied even if you have achieved something. An example of this is having good grades or getting a job promotion. These moments are worth celebrating. But frustrated people will just see these as ordinary things that come and go.


Frustrated people are always anxious. You worry about anything and everything. And you think that your actions will always result in negative consequences. You become a pessimist if you are frustrated.

You then find it hard to trust anyone, even your close friends! Don’t overthink too much and always remember that every problem has a solution.

Anxiety can lower your confidence. And letting it overpower you can stop you from achieving your goals in life. Look at the bright side and always have hope in your heart.

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Lacks self confidence

There’s a good chance you’re frustrated if you have low self-esteem. There is a reason a person is frustrated. It might be because they failed in their classes, broke up with their partner, or got fired from their job.

They relate these unsatisfactory experiences into their current life and blame themselves for their misfortune. This is normal because we always have a hand on the things that happened in our life. But don’t let this dictate your life!

We all have a chance in life, and it’s not too late to be better. A girl you like have turned you down.

Well, that’s normal! Accept it and move on! There are plenty of fishes in the sea. Don’t think that you don’t look good and you can’t talk properly. Believe you do and good things will follow.

Addiction to alcohol and drugs

Frustrated people usually turn to drugs and alcohol for temporary pleasure. These substances can alter your mind and make you feel happy. But only temporarily! It might seem fun. But there’s no fun knowing that they bombard your brain with chemicals that damage your cells.

You also lose the will to live productively because you think that it’s alright to just drink and party all night. Avoid these temporary pleasures in life and do something meaningful. Get a job, look for a side hustle, and spend quality time with your family and friends.

Don’t be too overwhelmed with fun parties and drinks. Yes, you can have them occasionally and just for the relieving stress. But don’t make them a habit.

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Sudden loss or gaining of weight

Another sign that a person is frustrated is if they suddenly lose or gain weight. Frustrated people aren’t in their normal selves.

Some eat too much, while others starve themselves because they don’t have any appetite. Some people treat eating as an avenue to release tension and be temporarily happy.

There’s no harm in that because it’s healthy as long as you stick to a good diet. But it’s no good anymore if you abuse eating.

The same goes to starving yourself. We can’t blame you if you have no appetite. But you can just think that you’ll be sick if you don’t eat. Think about the negative consequences so you can avoid them before they happen.


Frustration makes us human. Accept the fact that we can’t always be happy. There comes a point in our lives when we fail and we feel bad about ourselves. That is the rule of life because it’s like a wheel.

Sometimes we’re up. Sometimes we’re down.

Don’t blame yourself too much. Assess yourself instead and do your best to become better. It’s important to know what are signs of frustration so that you can avoid its negative consequences before they happen.

Hopefully, this article helped you learn what are signs of frustration so you can lead a happier and more successful life. It’s all about accepting the imperfection of life for you to make the most out of life.

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