Real Life Inspiring Stories that Touched Hearts

Last Updated on October 24, 2022

Looking for real life inspiring stories that touched hearts?

You can read all about them in this post!

Real life inspiring stories that touched hearts can open your eyes to the realities of life. They evoke emotions such as confidence, fear, and joy.

If you’re searching for raw and heartwarming inspiration, these real life stories can provide you with what you need. They will also help you see a new perspective of life and appreciate it for the better.

What can real life inspiring stories that touched hearts do for you?

What can real-life inspiring stories that touched hearts do for you?Pin

Inspiring stories can change how you view life.

Particularly, here’s what these stories can do for you:

  • They remind you inspirational events are true –They’re based on real-life situations. They happened to someone else. And therefore, they can happen to you, too.
  • You can relate to them – Real-life stories are powerful because they make the most out of storytelling.
  • You can make the most out of the inspiration they offer – And because they’re true-to-life stories, you’re confident in the lesson they come with. You can also tell other people about them and inspire them, too.

3 real life inspiring stories that touched hearts

We’ll now explore heartwarming stories based on real-life situations.

Here are three of them:

1. Courage

To narrate this short story, let’s take a page from the life of Rosa Parks.

She was a black woman who actively took part in her community. She was a solid leader among her people. She understood life wasn’t fair during her time in the 1950s.

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Back then, the law protected white people — people that aren’t her kind.

For one, the law stated white people had the privilege of having a seat on a bus. Back then, if you’re not white, you had to stand. And while she knew that, she felt it was unacceptable.

So one day, on December 1, 1955, she stood up to express how she felt. She decided the unfair treatment of black people needs to end right then.

When a white man approached her to give up her seat for him, she refused. Because the law was powerful, her refusal caused a riot. And even though she felt she had the right to talk back to a white person, she went against the law.

The police arrested her.

But that bravery — her bravery — didn’t go unrewarded. Her courageous act began inspiring other people of color to be as courageous.

Particularly, she inspired black people to speak up about their rights. These people came forward to tell the world that their lives are important, too.

2. Unlimited potential and confidence

This is an inspirational short story of a victim of bullying as a child. Most of the kids his age called him awful names. And these names injured his self-esteem. He even attempted suicide because, at some point, he couldn’t take it anymore.

But as he grew up, he realized he can never have the quality of life that most people had. He knew if he kept on focusing his energy on things that aren’t in his cards, he would always lose.

So he decided once and for all, he needed a unique perspective of life. He was different and he had special needs. He wasn’t normal and he had to accept it

That’s why he adopted a fresh mindset — a mindset that would help him be happy with life. He turned his negativity into positivity. And he stopped caring about what other people thought of him.

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Instead, he focused on improving his life. He worked to establish himself as a motivational speaker and Christian evangelist.

Soon, his situation turned around. And much to his surprise, there are people who are going through similar situations. And because these people found him relatable, they would socialize with him.

Not long after, he found friends and made a great life for himself. These people helped him feel satisfied in life.

Now, he’s also a painter, skydiver, published author, and more. Plus, he has a loving and supportive wife and children.

So would you believe this man is also the same man with tetra-amelia syndrome? And would you believe he’s also the same man born without arms and legs?

His name is Nick Vujicic.

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3. Living life as it is

A similar story is about the life of Stephen Hawking.

During his first years at Cambridge University, he was full of life. He felt as if the world was his oyster — and his promising spirit wanted to conquer it.

But to his surprise, his vibrancy towards life changed — and continued until his frailty stood in the way of his university life. When he consulted with a doctor, he received the most unfortunate news of his life:

He had Motor Neurone Disease, a disease that causes the muscles to become weaker. The end result? Paralysis.

For someone in his 20s, with lots of promise and potential, this was terrible news. Worse, the doctor told him the average life expectancy for people with his disease is 14 months (after diagnosis).

At one point, his world crumbled. But rather than feel sorry for himself and his situation, he made peace with life. He accepted he wouldn’t live long.

So for the months, he had left to live, he made the most out of. He pursued physics and made significant contributions to the field.

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When he lived past the average life expectancy of 14 months, he took everybody by surprise. And surprised they were to discover he lived for decades more. During those years, he got married and became a father to three kids. And his family helped him through life.

Stephen Hawking didn’t live a conventional life. But without a doubt, his life was eventful.

Final thoughts about real life inspiring stories that touched hearts

Real-life inspiring stories are everywhere if your mind is open.

If you know any inspiring story based on real-life events, tell us about it.

It could be from a major event, or one that features ordinary people. If you do, you’re welcome to tell us about it.

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