Short Story on Hard Work Leads to Success

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Want to hear a short story on “hard work leads to success”?

I hope you do. Doing so motivates you to pursue your goals and dreams in life.

So in this post, we’ll explore a short story on hard work and how it leads to success. We’ll also get into the tale of a notable personality and her rocky journey to success.

Let’s begin.

Why should you read a short story on “hard work leads to success”?

It reminds you to work hard because working hard doesn’t come without rewards. With hard work and dedication, you can and will achieve your goal and dreams in life.

Here’s what you can do to make your story a recipe for success:

  • Start small – Be open to opportunities that can help you advance in life. Even if it’s small, don’t immediately turn down an opportunity that can reward you in the long run.
  • Accept weaknesses – Don’t worry about skills you’re not good at. The smart move is to accept your weakness and focus on your strength.
  • Never take it as a personal attack – If someone says something against you, remind yourself that their word is an opinion — and not a fact. Focus on bettering yourself and what you want to achieve.
  • Never give up – Don’t call it quits after a couple of attempts at chasing after your goal. Instead, approach the situation with a stronger will.

A perfect example of a short story on hard work that leads to success

at the Disney/ABC Summer 2013 TCA Press Tour, Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA 08-04-13Pin
Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban at the Disney/ABC Summer 2013 TCA Press Tour, Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA 08-04-13

Now, let’s explore the story of Barbara Corcoran — an American real estate personality and businesswoman who rose to success despite many hurdles. We’ll talk about her inspiring journey to success here.

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Like many inspiring and motivational stories, the short story about her will encourage you to commit to your goals.

Starting small

Barbara started dipping her toes into real estate by offering apartments for rent. She then signed on to work as a receptionist at the Giffuni Brothers’ real estate group. Around that time, she knew she was cut out to be more than that.

So she co-founded a company with a boyfriend. Unfortunately, the short-lived company went down after her boyfriend’s disappointing surprise.

Much to her dismay, her boyfriend married her secretary.

Accepting weaknesses

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Barbara saw her dreams crumble right in front of her. Her words after her traumatic split with her then-boyfriend? “I felt like I was going to die.”

It also doesn’t help that she never had a glorious life as a child. Because she was dyslexic, she had trouble making it through in life.

Learning skills and understanding some basic concepts were challenging for her.

And when she looked back, she remembers how her schoolmates labeled her as the “dumb kid”.

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Not taking it as a personal attack

But while traumatized, Barbara knew that a defeatist’s attitude won’t get her far in life.

She realized she wasn’t in control of some past situations. She was in control of her future, though.

So she picked herself up. She told herself to be bigger than the attacks.

Thus, she worked hard to bounce back. She did it slowly — one day and a week at a time until she could put her past behind with confidence.

Never giving up

never give up try again keep goingPin

If she gave up after an attack on her, Barbara wouldn’t be one of the most successful people today.

Rather than weep for a lost flame, she stood tall and strong. She reflected strength when she founded a real estate group by herself.

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And that is how she started The Corcoran Group.

From the woman who depended on her then-boyfriend, she came a long way.

Next to her accomplishments in business and the real estate industry? She’s also a writer, public speaker, and columnist for the New York Daily News.

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Do you know of any short story on hard work that leads to success?

Kindly share any short story on hard work that leads to the success that you have.

And if you’re wondering why we explored the story of Barbara Corcoran, that’s because her story teaches us to believe in our potential.

Her story is proof that hard work and dedication will help you soar. And if she can succeed in life despite the hardship she went through, what’s stopping you?

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