How Do You Deal With a Lazy Person?

We all want to be successful. We work, get things done, and do our best to finish tasks on time. But what if it’s the other way around, and some people choose to do otherwise?

Well, having these guys around your life is normal. They’ll always have excuses to just lounge throughout the day and do nothing but just have small talks and sit on the couch.

It could be your family, friends, or co-workers. Their laziness is downright stressful for you. Their laziness can even affect your success. And most of the time, there’s just no way to ditch them out of your life.

That’s why it’s important to know how do you deal with a lazy person.

Here are some of the best ways you can deal with these people.

Be polite but straightforward in communicating

Lazy people are always tired of everything. And this includes reading angry emails from you. Give them straightforward instructions that show the importance of the task instead of showing your discontent and anger to them.

Keep things professional and positive. Note that even lazy people want to get praises. They’ll also do better if there are fewer things to read. Because they’re lazy in the first place!

Keep things simple

Finding it hard to comprehend long instructions is one of the hallmarks of a lazy person. Giving them tasks that have long and wordy texts would just bug them out. It’s best to follow the five-sentence approach instead of giving paragraphs of instructions.

You can also lay things out in bullet form, so they’ll think that the task is short and easy. Make your communication as simple as possible, so they can easily digest it.

Get down to the most basic requirement. Don’t give out open-ended questions because this leaves lots of room for vague interpretations. Just state what and when you expect to finish a certain task.

Compliment instead of criticizing

You can’t stop a person’s laziness by criticizing them. Doing this just makes them lazier, and they’ll feel demotivated even more. Go beyond your emotions and think logically. Appreciate their minor achievements even if it’s not important.

Appreciating them boosts their morale and compliments their work. Criticizing will just put you into brawls and grudges especially that lazy people have a bad attitude. Avoid this at all costs by making them feel special even if they’re not.

Choose the path of the least resistance

choose the path to least resistancePin

There’s a difference between laziness and procrastination. While the latter is simply burdened by the tasks at hand that they can’t get anything done, lazy people don’t want to work at all. They’ll prefer effortless tasks instead of the harder ones even if the pay is lower.

This means you should just assign them low-tier tasks that aren’t vital to your business’ success. You don’t want to depend heavily on their output because there’s a huge chance they can’t deliver. Just give them simple tasks even if it does little to progress your project.

Patience, patience, patience

Patience is key to overcoming any challenge. The same goes for dealing with lazy persons. You must be patient to create a positive working environment.

This also leads to better results instead of showing anger to the lazy person. Quarreling or violently confronting a person pushes them away further. This also makes them more stubborn.

Be patient and understand that they have a negative attitude which makes them lazy. Don’t stress yourself too much. Remember that you’re above them because you are productive. Keep your temper down and approach them politely once they finish the task.

Keep emotions out

We all get pissed with lazy people. But staying pissed will just stress us out. And being stressed just because of lazy people isn’t worth the hassle.

Avoid getting too emotional about their laziness and just focus on the work that needs to be done. Stick to the task and stay as professional as possible.

You can follow this to control your emotions:

  • Breathe slowly and heavily
  • Close your eyes and think of nothing
  • Go outside and breathe fresh air
  • Look at pending tasks positively

It also helps if you write a draft message before emailing them. You can then review this message and remove the emotions before you email.

Don’t think it’s unfair

Accept the fact that life is unfair. You might say that it’s unfair because your lazy co-worker gets away with it. They might have exerted less effort and time. But they didn’t get the experience and skills they need to succeed further in life.

Always pointing out that it’s unfair just makes you feel bad. And it does nothing to help you finish the task. Just focus on how you can be your best self instead of complaining.

Work on your schedule and adjust to the pending tasks. Don’t be too preoccupied with your lazy co-worker’s overdue tasks.

You can even work on their tasks yourself so that they’ll see how much of a burden they have become. They’ll then feel motivated to fix themselves so that they can’t be a burden to other people.

Avoid gossiping

There might be times when you need to let your steam out. One common way to do that is by gossiping to your friends about how lazy someone is.

It might make you feel good at first. But doing this is wrong. Not only is this unprofessional, but it’ll just create grudges between you and the lazy person. It will also just stress you out. Keep your disappointment to yourself and just talk to the lazy person politely.

Confront them directly instead of talking behind their backs. Gossiping will do nothing to improve their personality. But confronting them about it does!

Proper communication is key

proper communication is keyPin

Communicating your disappointments with a lazy person is one of the most effective ways to stop their laziness.

There might also be times when they’re really not lazy and they just were confused with the instructions. Be clear about the task, goals, and deadlines because they can sometimes confuse a person.

There’s also a time when a person is going through personal problems with their family or self. And this might be the reason they’re unproductive.

Talk to them directly and clearly. Get straight to the point and ask why they can’t complete tasks on time or why their output quality has waned.

Remove them from your network

Ditch them out of your life if all else fails, and you tried your best to deal with them. Letting them stay inside your network would just drag you down and impact your productivity. Deal with them at first and be patient.

Do the tasks assigned to them if needed. You can then remove them from the team or your business once you finish the project. Tolerating people like this just gives them a reason to continue with their laziness. You need to teach them a lesson so that they can help themselves.


Knowing how do you deal with a lazy person is important if you want to be successful in your life or career. We can’t avoid lazy people, but we can do something to help them and ourselves.

Be patient, improve communication, directly talk to them about their problems, and assign them minor tasks. But don’t tolerate their laziness. Remove them from your network if you can, so you won’t be dragged down along with their unproductivity.

Surround yourself with achievers who think about personal and career growth. Learning how do you deal with a lazy person is important if you want to be successful. There are different people around you. And it’ll help if you learn how to deal with them.

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