What Are the Qualities of a Good Boyfriend?

If you believe you have the perfect boyfriend, don’t let him go. While millions of guys exist, not every one of those millions of guys can sweep you off your feet.

Some of them will give you a headache and bring stress to your life.

So don’t settle for any boyfriend. Instead, invest your time and energy in a good boyfriend.

But what are the qualities of a good boyfriend?

In this article, we’ll explore those qualities and more. This way, you’ll know what makes a boyfriend.

Why is it important to know what are the qualities of a good boyfriend?

It’s important to know what are the qualities of a good boyfriend so you know what to look for in a man you want to be your partner. 

We’ll elaborate on this.

Here are the reasons it’s important to know what are the qualities of a good boyfriend:

  • Understand what you need in a long-term relationship – You need to identify the qualities that make a guy worth keeping.
  • Appreciate what you have – If you have a good boyfriend, learn if he possesses the qualities below. If he does, learn to appreciate him.
  • Distinguish the good from the bad – Not all boyfriends are good. Unless you know a good boyfriend’s qualities, it’s hard to differentiate the good boyfriends from the bad ones.

12 qualities of a good boyfriend


Tired of having bad boyfriends?

Then look for a boyfriend with the qualities below.

He’s good at addressing what you need

1. Good listener

A good boyfriend has good — great — listening skills. He encourages you to always say what’s on your mind. He makes sure you feel safe in telling him everything. 

If what you have to say is lengthy, he doesn’t interrupt you. He doesn’t get annoyed. And he acknowledges your opinions.

He also doesn’t judge your statements. If he disagrees with you, he’s respectful. He doesn’t make you feel small for your manner of thinking.

2. Good communicator

Next to his great listening skills, he knows how to get through to you effectively. What makes him a good communicator is, he knows his contributions to every conversation. If he doesn’t know how to communicate well with you yet, you can see him put in the work.

He has perfect timing. He knows when to keep quiet. And he knows when to speak.

To guarantee you two have a harmonious relationship, he invests personal resources. He gives his time and effort so you can always have an open line of communication. His goal is to avoid causing a rift between you guys.

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3. Good in understanding you

He also gets you. Even if your behavior can be difficult to understand, he takes time to understand it. His goal is to make you feel safe around you.

He knows action speaks louder than words. So he sees right through you. He knows what can trigger your happiness and sadness. 

He studies your body language and mannerisms. Even if you don’t know what to say sometimes, he understands what you need.

4. Good in making you happy

He always wants to see you smile. All the things that can make you happy, he does. And all things that can sadden you, he avoids.

If you’re in pain, he eases your burden. Especially if he wants to take your relationship to the next level, he wants to be your constant source of joy.

A good boyfriend is valuable

5. Values himself

He eats well, exercises regularly, gets enough rest, and more. He also meditates, treats his anxieties, and more. His physical and mental health is a priority to him.

He values himself because he knows he matters. He has self-respect and positive self-esteem.

He practices self-care because he knows his own worth. If he doesn’t look out for himself, he knows he won’t be conditioned to have someone else in his life. By taking care of himself, he knows he can take care of his girlfriend.

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6. Values you

He’s proud of you. Because of his deep love for you, he puts you above everything and everyone else.

He values you for all that you are. This includes any flaws you may have. For him, you’re perfect.

If you’re dealing with personal issues, he helps. He doesn’t set you aside. And he does whatever it takes to pacify your fears.

7. Kind

He’s generous and empathetic. Whenever it’s needed, he offers help. He also has good intentions — and acts on them.

It’s in his nature to be gentle towards others. Next to you, he’s there for others. He’s loving and selfless.

As much as he gets you, he does his best to get other people, too. He doesn’t belittle and make other people feel inferior. He treats everyone with respect regardless of how everyone else thinks of them.

8. Genuine

A good boyfriend truly loves you. He’s the real deal. And his authentic nature makes him shine. He possesses integrity and always walks his talks. 

You can count on him because he’s sincere. If he disagrees with something, he speaks up. He’s also honest and always stands by his word.

He’s a good boyfriend even if nobody is around to praise him. He’s not acting admirably just for show.

A good boyfriend is someone you’re proud of

9. Funny

A good boyfriend knows his girlfriend could use a break from life’s seriousness. He enjoys making you laugh. And he takes away your stress by reminding you of life’s comedic side.

If he sees fit, he modifies his brand of humor. He knows humor is subjective. So he makes you laugh with jokes that blend nicely with your brand of humor.

He also doesn’t take himself too seriously. If you poke fun at his expense, he doesn’t get angered.

10. Intelligent

A good boyfriend also knows an intelligent girl often falls for an intelligent boy. He’s witty and smart. And he’s diplomatic.

If he’s not witty, smart, and diplomatic yet, he’s committed to learning the ropes. Because he loves you, he wants you to find his company enjoyable. And he wants you to be proud to have him as your boyfriend.

He’s also intelligent in how he handles himself in social situations. He’s not arrogant because he knows arrogance will turn people away. He’s friendly and likeable, too.

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11. Confident

He believes in himself. He doesn’t doubt his potential. And he knows his strengths.

He doesn’t see the need to prove himself to anyone. Instead, he’s complacent in how he is.

He recognizes his weaknesses, too. Like everyone, he has flaws. And he embraces his flaws.

If there are some things he’s not good at, he’s assured it’s okay. He doesn’t beat himself up for having frailties.

12. Responsible

A responsible boyfriend is a good boyfriend. If he can take care of himself and his needs, it’s a sign he can take care of you. He’ll be the one to care for your needs once you’re married.

Does he pay his own bills? Can he provide for himself? Is he independent?

If he’s an irresponsible guy, cut him some slack. Inform him of his irresponsibility and encourage him to grow out of it.

The solution is to talk to him about his irresponsible behavior. You can even help him out. What’s important is, he wants to be a reliable person and change for the better — for you.

Final thoughts

What are the qualities of a good boyfriend for you? 

If your boyfriend has the qualities listed above, he seems like a good boyfriend. And because he is, you should appreciate him for how he is.

If you want to add more qualities that make a good boyfriend, what are they?

You also need to keep in mind that relationships go both ways. If you want a good boyfriend, you should also be ready to be a good girlfriend.

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