What Is a Boyfriend Supposed To Do in a Relationship?

Not sure if you have the “perfect” boyfriend?

Then this article can provide you with the insight you need.

Here, we’ll talk about what is a boyfriend supposed to do in a relationship. This way, you can tell whether you have a perfect boyfriend. You can also refer to this post to help your boyfriend know what to do in your relationship.

What is a boyfriend supposed to do in a relationship, and why does it matter?

Knowing what is a boyfriend supposed to do in a relationship matters because it can bring value to your relationship. You may love your boyfriend, and you may be like the 88% of Americans who want to go into marriage because of love. Sometimes, though, you need to think about if he does or (is willing to do) certain actions. 

Here are more points on why it matters:

  • Help you set realistic expectations – The term “perfect boyfriend” is subjective. You should know what and what not to ask of your boyfriend.
  • Enlighten you to your boyfriend’s positive side – If your boyfriend does the things listed below, learn to appreciate it. He’s a great guy — someone you shouldn’t take for granted.
  • Help your boyfriend improve – If your boyfriend doesn’t seem to do the things listed below, help him. Tell him about what he’s supposed to do.

10 things a boyfriend is supposed to do in a relationship


What is a boyfriend supposed to do in a relationship? Here are 10 things:

Always be there for you

1. Listen to you

Your boyfriend should be about effective communication and have great listening skills. He’s supposed to find your voice and the things you want to say endearing. And he’s all ears when you have something to say.

If you want to talk about your fears, anxieties, and insecurities, he should take the time to listen to you. He should also hear you out when you want to tell him about your values and dreams in life.

You’ll know he truly wants to listen to you because he drops everything he does the moment you speak. He even calls you to encourage you to share with him what’s on your mind.

2. Trust you

A good boyfriend is supposed to find you trustworthy. He knows a relationship won’t work without trust. And he’s on the right track because, in a survey that presented dating statistics (about the qualities women want in a man), 62% of women want someone who trusts them.

That’s why he allows you to do the things you love without interfering. Sometimes, he can get jealous when he sees you with other guys. He knows better, though, than let his jealousy negatively affect you and your relationship

As someone who trusts you, he has full faith in you. Around him, you feel comfortable because you’re confident he has great intentions.

3. Give you space

To complement his trust in you, your boyfriend should give you space. He lets you have privacy. And he’s supposed to be about supporting your self-care habits.

If you want to do things without him, he doesn’t take offense. There are hobbies you enjoy doing by yourself, and he knows that.

He’s also supposed to treat you as his possession. He should understand you’re not his property. And he should respect you as an individual.

Adore you

4. Accept all of you

Everybody has good and bad things about them, and your boyfriend is supposed to know that. There are qualities in you he may dislike. He, however, doesn’t make you feel bad about them.

This is an important aspect of a relationship. He’s supposed to love you — exactly the way you are. And he shouldn’t want to change a thing.

For him, it should be okay for you to be flawed and even annoying. He should remember the things he loves about you far outweigh the things he dislikes.

5. Be so into you

If your boyfriend is your #1 fan, it’s a sign he’s into you — and very much so. As a good boyfriend, he’s supposed to like you so much that he wants everything to do with you. He’s proud of you and he enjoys talking about you.

He knows your presence makes his life better. So he does everything he can to let you know that.

Because he’s all about you, he puts you first. He’s always ready to go out of his way to spend time with you.

6. Make you laugh

Your boyfriend should have a great sense of humor. He’s supposed to always want you to have a grand time and have a break from life’s stressful situations.

A professional at comedy, he may not be. He, however, is a professional in knowing what can make you laugh. He knows what jokes you love and what jokes you hate.

He’s supposed to be playful, and he should amuse you by doing silly things. He should also be willing to give you an uncontrollable laughing fit where your sides hurt.

7. Defend you

A boyfriend is supposed to speak highly of you. When you’re not around to protect your reputation, he swoops into your defense. He sees you in a great light, and he wants other people to see you in the same manner.

If he’s a pacifist, he won’t hesitate to go up against someone spewing lies about you. With him to defend you, you have nothing to worry about in your absence.

You can say he’s your “knight in shining armor”. You’re confident in saying that about him because he makes sure you always feel on top of the world.

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Love himself

8. Express emotions

A boyfriend is supposed to express his emotions in a relationship. While he wants you to always speak your mind, he knows it’s only fair to speak up, too. He should talk openly about his feelings because he should know he matters.

Sometimes, when a guy talks about his feelings, he can be seen as too feminine. However, he shouldn’t feel bothered by it because he shouldn’t be afraid to be vulnerable around you. If he’s a guy who looks and acts tough in public, he should feel free to let his guard down with you.

By expressing his emotions, he’s implying he wants to share his world with you. And you should take it as a sign to share your world with him, too.

9. Take responsibility

It’s a wonderful thing to see your boyfriend taking responsibility. In a relationship, that’s what he’s supposed to do.

Mistakes and failures, he owns up to them. He never shifts the blame on you or anyone else. He takes responsibility because he wants you to know you can count on him.

Taking responsibility for his actions is important. It’s a reminder he’s aware of his role in your relationship. It’s also a sign he knows that in your relationship, he shares control of it with you. 

10. Be trustworthy

Trust goes both ways. If he wants you to be worthy of his trust, he’s supposed to be worthy of your trust, too.

If he makes promises, he’s supposed to keep them. You can rely on him for everything. And he won’t let you down.

That’s why you can trust him with your heart. That’s why you can open up to him. And that’s why you can be vulnerable around him.

Final thoughts

So what is a boyfriend supposed to do in a relationship? Have their girlfriend’s best interest at heart!

What that best interest is, that’s up to you to figure out. And it’s also up to you what you should expect from your boyfriend. 

What it is exactly isn’t too important. What matters more is, you’re happy. And being around your boyfriend makes you happy.

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