How Can I Be a Better Man in a Relationship?

Have you asked your girlfriend this question:

How can I be a better man in a relationship?

Then this article can help you — and her, too. Here, let’s talk about what men are supposed to do for women in their relationships.

This way, you can be a better man and improve your relationship with your girlfriend.

The importance of asking “How can I be a better man in a relationship?”

Asking “How can I be a better man in a relationship?” is important if you want to take your relationship to a new level. If you value your girlfriend and want to always be a better — and the best — man for her, you’re going in the right direction by learning the answers to this question.

Here are similar questions:

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  • “What can I do to make her know I respect her?” – Respect is an important element in a relationship. Find out the things that can make her know you respect her.
  • “What shouldn’t I do for our relationship to get better?” – There are things you need to avoid. We’ll talk about them below.

Eight tips to be a better man: things a boyfriend shouldn’t do

Eight tips to be a better man: things a boyfriend shouldn’t doPin

To be a better man for your girlfriend, don’t provoke her. Some of your actions need to go.

Here are 8 tips on how to be a better man.

Not having a sense of direction

1. Be vague about your life goals

If you don’t know what to do with your life, you have a problem. You need to figure out what you’ll do with the rest of your life if you want your girlfriend to know she can rely on you for the long haul.

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Here are tips on how not to be vague about your life goals:

  • List down specific tasks – Set specific instructions. Make sure you (and she) can understand them easily.
  • Create a realistic plan – Fill her in on what you plan on doing. And reevaluate your plan regularly.
  • Share your progress – Work on your goals and tell her about how you’re doing. You guys should also celebrate even the smallest victories.

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2. Be irresponsible

Having an irresponsible man for a boyfriend can mean the guy is about having a great time. However, it would give any person a headache. So if you think you’re not responsible enough, you need to change your ways and grow up.

Here are tips on how not to be irresponsible:

  • Always show up – Attend commemorative events that mean a lot to your girlfriend. Also, honor your obligations.
  • Act maturely – Don’t act like a boy. Always strive to be the bigger person.
  • Pay your bills on time – Get a job that can help you sustain your lifestyle. And be financially reliable.

3. Neglect your health

Your physical and mental health is important. Caring for your health shows you care for yourself, and you would want to be in the best condition to care for your girlfriend.

Here are tips on how not to neglect your health:

  • Avoid obvious health mistakes – Don’t smoke, drink alcohol too much, and live a sedentary lifestyle. Health experts are against smoking, alcohol, and inactivity because they’re terrible for you.
  • Relax and be stress-free – Meditate, play mindless games, and take vacations regularly. The idea is to escape life’s seriousness.
  • Go for an annual health consult – Visit a healthcare professional every year to find out your health status. And listen to their advice.

Doing things, but doing them wrong

4. Overdoing actions

It’s annoying to know your man is passive. But it’s more annoying to deal with a boyfriend who overdoes things.

Here are tips on how not to overdo actions:

  • Look at the big picture – Always think long term and aim for big and permanent benefits.
  • Ask before going the extra mile – Do what you’re expected to do. And if your girlfriend wants you to do more, tell her about it and wait for her response.
  • Give space – Don’t act on your girlfriend’s behalf even if your actions are in her best interest. She’ll appreciate it if you let her do her own thing. 
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5. Acting without thinking

Doing things without giving them a thought defeats the purpose of common sense, don’t you think? So if you want to be a better man in your relationship, you should think about your actions first and strategize.

Here are tips on how not to act without thinking:

  • Do things with a purpose – Prevent yourself from doing things blindly. Follow instructions and only do the things you believe in.
  • Respond and not react – Always keep your cool and be in control of your emotions. In every new situation, pause for a while and ponder on the best course of action.
  • Avoid talking too much – Talking deprives you of the opportunity to listen to your girlfriend and her concerns. Doing it too much is also annoying.

Ignore her

6. Disobey her instructions

If your girlfriend tells you to do something and you give her the heads up you’d do it, then do it. If you don’t want to follow her instructions, nothing’s wrong with that. However, you should let her know what you plan on doing.

Here are tips on how not to disobey your girlfriend’s instructions:

  • Avoid doing the opposite of what she says – This will make her angry at you. It shows you don’t have the time to do things for her, but you have the time to disrespect her.
  • Avoid lying to her – If you can’t understand her instructions, inform her. Don’t make excuses or sugarcoat what’s going on.
  • Respect her intelligence – She gives her instructions in a way that makes sense to her. Let her be and don’t insist you can do something better.

7. Set aside her feelings

Love your girlfriend for how she is. If you believe she’s overly sensitive, don’t chastise her for it. Instead, embrace this fact about her.

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Here are tips on how not to set aside your girlfriend’s feelings:

  • Understand typical reactions – If you’ve been with your partner for years, you should have a sense of her reactions during certain situations. Use this knowledge to know her feelings if you face familiar scenarios.
  • Read body language – Look at your girlfriend’s face, posture, and more. She may not speak things, but she’s trying to say something non-verbally.
  • Ask – Directly ask your girlfriend how she’s feeling. Don’t assume or feel things for her.

8. Put other people first

You need to make your girlfriend feel important. To do that, you need to prioritize her and allow her to feel confident she comes before others.

Here are tips on how not to put other people first:

  • Prioritize your relationship – Don’t forget her birthday and other special occasions. Make time for dates and activities for couples.
  • Always have time for her every day – Send a message, call, or drop by to meet for meals. Even if you’re busy, you should always be there for her.
  • Defend your girlfriend in public – You should always be on her side. So whenever you can, protect her reputation and tell others about her positive side.

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Conclusion: The road to becoming a better man

Asking “How can I be a better man in a relationship?” is a sign you’re looking for tips to improve your relationship. And featured above are the tips you could use.

And since you’ve asked her this question, you should also take note of the tips that she gave you. If you want, you could share them here.

From the perspective of a woman, asking this question is a good sign. It shows your willingness to commit to your relationship and always be better.

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