9 Feel-Good Stories to Make You Happy

Last Updated on January 4, 2023

There’s nothing better to do on a weary, laboring day than either taking the time out of your hectic schedule or hearing great stories that can make you smile.

There are many things that can make us feel good no matter what, but sometimes the best way is with wonderful stories.

Do you have a favorite story or experience that makes you crack a beautiful smile?

If you are looking for more stories that you may want to share with your family and friends, here are some feel-good short stories you can read the entire night if you can’t sleep or whenever you’re feeling blue.

Silly and Nice Stories That Will Make You Smile

Looking for a good laugh? Check out these silly stories that have a cringe-worthy twist!

Demanding Child

For the last twenty minutes, I’ve been shouting, “Grill me a cheese” at my mom.

It turns out that my mom wasn’t even at home, and the person I keep hearing about around the house is the carpet cleaning service.

Wrong email

My mom was supposed to send an email to an accounting firm that says “I am afraid that we will have to postpone our meeting.”

She accidentally pressed send earlier and sent this message instead:

Hi, Jeffrey,

I am afraid

Rocks and sandwiches

Rocks and sandwiches - stories to make your happyPin

I saw this guy once trying to skip rocks while eating a sandwich on his other hand. He tossed his sandwich in the water instead of the rock and took a bite of the rock.

He stiffened at that very moment after realizing what had just happened.

Beautiful Stories With Romantic Themes That Will Make You Believe in Love

Life brings us challenges that can either make or break us. Here are successful love stories from the real-life experience of people who showed the whole world that love stories are not only meant for movies.

Happily Ever After

Breathing circuit of patient on the ventilator in ICUPin

We were classmates for three years before deciding to date. Three days before our prom, she got into an accident while crossing a four-lane highway.

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She lay in a coma wearing her prom corsage on her IV, and after a month, she miraculously came around and started walking and talking again. However, she doesn’t have any memory of us ever dating.

Two years later, we both got married after her full recovery. We worked our way through college and are now blessed with three kids. We have been married for more than 20 years.

The Whole Nine Yards

The Whole Nine Yards - stories to make your happyPin

I lost my job, broke up with an ex, and was in debt. I struggled for three months and lost hope of ever finding love again.

One night, my friend sent me text messages and told me to get out of my apartment. He told me to come with him to his best friend’s boat, and his friend and I hit it off immediately. The more days we spent together, the deeper our feelings grew.

After three weeks, he asked me if I was willing to consider more, and it took me a month to realize that I loved him. He proposed to me one Saturday night on the boat where it all started, surrounded by our family and close friends.

I couldn’t be happier for our future as I’m going to spend it with my best friend.


Couple meet halfway on mountain bridge. Love and reunion concept. 3D illustrationPin

We first met when I was a freshman; he was in my junior year. I watched him play Magic cards during lunch and got to participate and act together in drama class.

When I was in sophomore, my father got re-stationed, so I moved from Virginia to Los Angeles. We stayed in touch with my other friends after that.

Fast forward to 10 years, and I’m now a single mom living in Utah. He visited me to see our state and met my son, who instantly fell in love with him. I, too, fell in love with him but didn’t realize it until his last day of visit.

Finally, as he was leaving, I dared to tell him how I felt, and it turned out that it was mutual. Soon, I’m going to his place to meet his family; after that, he will come to live with my son and me.

Inspirational Stories with Life Lessons

Reading a short story is exciting and can teach you many valuable lessons simultaneously. Here are short inspiring stories you can brilliantly read and learn many lessons from.

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The Sad and Happy Men


This short story is about two men confined in the same cell and living in the same conditions. However, one of them was sad, while the other was happy.

“Why are you unhappy?” the happy young man asked his cellmate.

“What should I joy for? I am unlucky. One moment I was free and resting at a resort, and now I am here.” the unhappy man answered, then asked the other guy, ” Why are you satisfied then?”

The happy man replied that he was in another prison where the conditions were much worse than their current cell. He added that their present jail is a resort for him as many people wanted to be moved there, but he was lucky.

Moral of the Story:

If you feel like you’re in the wrong position, imagine how worse others might be experiencing. What could be a burden for you may be a blessing for some.

Love in the Cherry Pie

Delicious Homemade Cherry Pie with a Flaky CrustPin

An elderly, happily married couple lived at the top of the hill for more than 40 years. They started dating when they were teenagers and only bicker over small things.

For several years, the husband would ride his bike every morning to shop for groceries while his wife tended their garden.

They had a simple life, mostly lived off bread and vegetables, and probably had aspirations for a better life. But they were grateful for what they had.

Once a week, the couple would rest in front of the fireplace and share a piece of cherry pie. Eating dessert was the only luxury they allowed themselves, and they mostly spent these best times sharing stories, hugging, and having a good laugh.

The husband only eats the flaky, buttery crust of the pie, while the wife only loves the warm filling. Since this is so, they divided the pie and were both happy.

During a warsh winter, the man fell sick with pneumonia which took a toll on his health. The grieving wife sat by his side as he confessed something to her. While gently grabbing her hand, the man confessed how much he loved her, but there was a lie he had kept from her all the time they’d been together.

Trying to hide her concern, the woman kept silent to listen to her husband. Then his husband smiled and continued that he never liked the crust of pies.

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The woman was speechless at first but asked why he continued eating the crust. The husband explained that it gave him extreme joy to share the part she wanted from their dessert.

Hearing this, she smiled and rested her head on her husband’s shoulder. The woman told her husband that they, indeed, were a pair. All those years that they were together, she also tried to make him happy by choosing the filling when she always preferred the crust.

Moral of the Story:

This wholesome story exemplifies how much people are willing to sacrifice only to see their loved ones happy.

It is incredible how someone can put aside their own happiness to make others smile.

The Cookies

The Cookies -  stories to make your happyPin

A woman in the airport bought a book and a bag of cookies while waiting for her flight.

She was absorbed in reading but saw the man sitting beside her grabbing cookies from the bag in between. She ignored it to avoid a scene and continued reading.

As more minutes passed, the woman became more irritated as the thief diminished her stock. Every time she takes a cookie, the man takes one as well.

When only one cookie was left, she wondered what the man would do. Smiling and nervously laughing, the man took the last cookie and broke it in half. He offered half to her as he ate the other. The woman snatched the cookie from him and thought how rude he was.

The woman sighed with relief when her flight was called. She took her belongings and didn’t dare to look back at the guy. As she sank in her seat, she looked for her book in her bag but instead saw a bag of cookies.

Surprised, the woman moaned in despair as she realized she was the rude one after all for taking the man’s cookies. He was trying to share it with her.

Moral of the Story:

It is a shame when what we thought and believed to be true is not. Learning to accept one’s wrongdoings and trying to change is a good and a real bonus trait to have.

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