3 Best Short Stories of Joyfulness

Last updated on November 21st, 2022 at 08:00 am

Inspirational stories are great — not only at bringing joy but also lessons that can help someone grow as a person. A young man or woman can even see where their own happiness lies after hearing an inspiring story or two.

Stories about human life and how one can triumph over adversities, in particular, are of great use to those who are frantically searching for answers so they too can be completely happy. Feel-good stories are also great to read when you’re having a bad day.

With all of that said, here now are the best short stories that can help you find happiness.

A Room of Balloons

A Room of BalloonsPin

A speaker at a conference wanted to make a point about happiness through a group activity.

So the speaker handed out identical balloons to every attendee present. Everyone was asked to write their names on their own balloon using a marker pen. All the balloons were then collected and placed in the adjacent room.

Before the conference came to a close, the participants were asked to head over to the room where all the balloons were. They saw the balloons scattered all over at random.

The speaker then asked everyone to find their balloon. However, nobody was allowed to communicate with one another.

Everyone did as instructed but struggled to find their own balloon. People ended up bumping against each other with some growing more frustrated by the minute. It was utter chaos.

After some time has passed, the speaker stopped everyone from searching for their balloon. They were then asked to pick up a random balloon and look for the owner of the balloon instead.

The task still took a couple of minutes but eventually, everyone had their balloon in their hands.

After the activity, the speaker explained the significance of the exercise.

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He explained that their balloon represented happiness. And like what happened during the activity, it’ll be hard to find happiness if they go looking for it aimlessly. But if they allowed other people to help, they stand a chance.

The lesson then is that their happiness lies in other people. And just as others can help them find their happiness, they too can help others find theirs.

Moral of the Story

The key to finding happiness is in helping others find theirs and letting them find yours.

A Bunch of Grapes

A Bunch of GrapesPin

There was a monastery in a small village up in the mountains somewhere.

One day, a rich man approached a monastery and knocked on the gate. A monk opened the gate and was handed a bunch of grapes. The rich man said that the gift was his way of giving thanks because the monastery was always there when he needed help. Now that he came across good fortune, he wanted to give back.

After the rich man left, the monk contemplated what to do with the grapes. At first, he thought about eating it. But he thought better and decided to give it to the monastery’s abbot for it is he who taught him about kindness.

The abbot liked the grapes. But he thought there was someone more deserving of this gift — a sick monk. Surely, the abbot thought, that the grapes would bring joy to the sick monk.

The sick monk was given the grapes and was thankful for them. However, he thought that the cook who prepared his meals throughout his ordeal would appreciate them more.

It was now the cook’s turn to admire the grapes. He couldn’t bear to eat them though. The cook wanted the monastery’s sexton—the one who tended the churchyard every day—to have the grapes as a sign of appreciation for everything he’s done.

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The sexton was happy when given the grapes. But he gave it to his apprentice so that he could appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.

The apprentice was honored by the gesture. However, he recalled that it was the monk who opened the gates who first welcomed him with open arms the first time he stepped foot in the monastery. So he gifted the grapes to the monk not knowing the grapes were his to begin with.

The monk, who found the whole thing amusing, thought that maybe the grapes were destined to be his. He also realized at that moment that if started giving happiness, it’s bound to come back to you.

Moral of the Story

Happiness will find its way back to you when you share it with others.

A Trip to the Countryside

A Trip to the CountrysidePin

A wealthy old man wanted to make his little boy to understand the difference between being rich and being poor.

So one day, the dad took a trip with his son to the countryside where the less fortunate live and stay there for a couple of days. The goal was to show his son what a poor family has to go through to survive.

As soon as they arrived, the kid immediately felt the difference. Nonetheless, he had no problems interacting with the locals. He played with other children and made new friends. He’d talk with the old lady who’d give him snacks. He’d walk around town and have a great time even without money in his pocket.

The kid found the whole experience interesting, to say the least.

Before long, it was time to pack up and head back to the city where they lived. On the journey back, the father asked his son if he now understands the difference between being rich and being poor.

The child began to recall everything he’s experienced and told his dad what he’s realized.

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In the countryside, he was able to run free across fields without care. But at home, he’s confined to their backyard. In the city, you could barely see the stars at night but that’s not a problem in the countryside.

Being in the city, they have to buy food every day. But the farmers he met can grow their own food.

But the most striking difference, he thought, was how everyone in the community took care of each other. They lived a more leisurely life compared to them. And because of that, they experience happiness on a daily basis.

The father, being proud of his son, then asked if he would like to be a poor man like the people he met. To his surprise, his kid shook his head and said: “No, I want to be rich like them”.

Moral of the Story

Happiness is not about material wealth. It’s about the experiences that you share with others.

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