How to Cheer Up a Friend: 10 Easy Ways

Last Updated on January 6, 2023

Want to do more than just “be there” for a family member, friend, or loved one who’s down?

Your presence is important — incomparable, even. However, your presence alone might not get rid of the negativity they’re feeling.

As their friend, help them get their mind off of what they’re going through.

You don’t need to be a licensed professional counselor to help. Even if you’re not a family therapist, there are plenty of ways that you could help relieve stress and help your friend or family member to feel better.

In this post, we’ll show you all the ways you can help in your own little way.

Why Do You Need to Cheer up Your Friend?

You need to cheer up your friend because you don’t want them to stay down for good. Chances are, they ran into a problem.

That problem might be insignificant. If you’re not around to remind them of that, though, they might not realize that.

Here are a few signs that your friend is experiencing chronic stress and needs help:

  • Irritability and Anger You can’t understand why they would get mad at the smallest things.
  • Unusual Loss of Interest Something’s troubling them if they’re not interested in a previous passion.
  • Reckless Behavior — They feel brave and fearless. And they don’t seem to care about the consequences of their actions.

How Do You Help a Friend Through a Tough Time?

You already know the signs. Now, for 10 actionable ways:

1. Play games

Take your friend’s mind away from all seriousness and replace it with fun. When you spend quality time with someone, you can get your friend out of a bad mood. Silly things like playing games can really help toward that goal.

Looking for ideas?

Try these:

  • Board Games Sit down opposite each other and talk while you battle it out. Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders are classics.
  • Virtual Reality MMORPGs are excellent options.
  • Sports Bowling and mini-golf sound fun if your friend is up for it.
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You’ll create funny memories when you play games which will make your friend feel better afterward.

2. Offer to Do Chores

If you see a pile of dirty laundry at their place, then cheer them up by washing it for them.

This doesn’t apply to dirty laundry only. You can take out the trash, sweep the rug, take care of the dirty dishes — anything that needs attention. You can do all of this while your friend goes out for a breath of fresh air or a weekend getaway.

If you have a mutual friend, then you can ask that person to do some of the other chores so you can be more efficient.

And one of the best ways to play this out is to surprise them with the finished tasks. If you took a load off their shoulders without them seeing it coming, they might jump for joy. This is great for your friend’s mental health.

On the flip side, does your friend hate surprises? If so, consider asking their permission first.

3. Write a Note

Notes are a great way to let people know that you’re supporting them without violating their space. You can even leave a funny story or a line from a favorite song. It’s a simple stress reliever for others that put them in a good mood.

No matter how you want to write a note to your friend, don’t forget to do it by hand. They may appreciate it better if a personal touch comes with the package.

Here are cool ways you can do it:

  • Use Post-it Notes Post-its are colorful and can give off a happy vibe. Write chunks of messages then leave them where they could see them easily.
  • Write From Their Future Self — Ask them if what they’re worrying about will still matter to them 10 years from today. Then tell them they might want to let the problem go if it won’t.
  • Decorate the Letter Make the letter bold. Using a lovely stationery or cut out pieces from old magazines can turn their emotions around.

4. Send a Worry Doll


Muñeca quitapena is Spanish for a worry or trouble doll. The Mayans believe that this doll takes worries away.

So if you want to send something legendary to cheer up a loved one and help them reduce stress, this is it.

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Send them a worry doll, tell them to leave it under their pillow overnight, and Voila! By morning, their worries are off to a place nobody knows.

5. Bring Food

In movies, when someone is sad, you can see them gobbling up a pint of ice cream. If not, a whole tub of it.

Here’s why:

When a person is dealing with negative emotions, their ability to detect sweet flavors is 15% better. Their situation also downgrades their ability to taste fat.

However, if your friend or loved one is not into sweets, bring alternative comfort foods instead.

Your choices:

  • Lasagna This Italian delicacy is a crowd pleaser because it’s flavorful and meaty.
  • Chicken Noodle Soup This is a famous comfort food especially during cold weather.
  • Mashed Potatoes — Potatoes are creamy, buttery, and satisfying.

6. Call

Instead of bugging yourself with the question “How do I cheer up my friend?”, why not ask? If your friend is the one who’s calling, pick up. And let them talk.

Talking about emotions works wonders — and heals sadness. In fact, one kind of talking therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, is 50-75% effective against depression and anxiety.

Wondering what you and your friend should talk about? Consider these:

  • “The” Problem Do they feel like their life sucks? If so, remind them they can make life better — and you’re always willing to help.
  • What They Want to Do Ask them how they plan to overcome their problem. Then offer to help.
  • Anything They Want Let it be up to them. If they don’t want to talk about themselves, respect that.

7. Invite Them to Watch Sitcoms

Timeless comedies like The Twilight Zone, I Dream of Jeannie, and The Three Stooges can cheer up your friend. Try Friends, The Office, and That ‘70s Show if you prefer something modern. The list goes on!

It’s also a splendid idea to pick a sitcom based on the sadness that your friend is going through. Or, use their preferred brand of humor as the basis. This way, they could watch something relatable.

Let’s say, they’re into political satire. Thus, a good option is to check out episodes of Parks and Recreation.

8. Have an Outdoor Adventure

Ask your loved one to hang out with you outside. It can help them see life from a fresh perspective.

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Something as simple as walking around and having a picnic outdoors can uplift them. If both of you are fit enough, go hiking, canoeing, or rock climbing.

Going outdoors can also benefit your mental health. It elevates your mood, improves focus, and reduces stress.

9. Start a Project Together

This would help keep your friend occupied. And the more occupied they are, the less they’ll think about the negative emotions bringing them down.

Here are project ideas for the two of you:

  • Blog Got in-depth knowledge about a common subject? Then create a place where you can talk non-stop and share it.
  • Non-Profit Organization If you feel strongly about something, turn it into a cause.
  • New Hobby — Knitting, gardening, or collecting things might not be hobbies you and your friend are into. Why not try them out, though?

10. Tag Them in Hilarious Memes

“Laughter is the best medicine”, goes the traditional saying. So apart from sitcoms, make your loved one laugh with memes, too.

If you guys are on Facebook, for example, use “@” before their name to tag them.

Here are the memes you should know about:


These are memes that withstood the test of time. They were funny when they first came out — and until today, they still are hilarious.

Like this one:

Source: Someecards

Social Media Memes

See those funny screenshots that emphasize the best threads on particular social media networks? They also feature notable users and posts.

Here’s one from Tumblr:

Social MediaPin
Source: Buzzfeed

The Comics

Reading these memes is like reading an unforgettable story. And what you get are loads of laughter.

Here’s an example:

The ComicPin
Source: Explosm

Final Thoughts

The most important thing here is to not lose sight of the fact that your friend is unique.

You can cheer them up with the aforementioned ways, sure. However, don’t take it the wrong way if they don’t respond as you expected.

Respect them for how they are. If all they need is space, then be ready to give it to them.

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