What Are Some Kind Words That Everybody Should Use

Kindness creates a ripple effect.

If you’re kind to one person, that person will return the favor and be kind to someone. And that someone will also want to be kind to another person and another — and another.

The list goes on.

So in this post, let’s find out what are some kind words that you and everybody else should use.

What are some kind words?

Kind words are powerful. They can help someone stay positive in negative situations. They can be any words that serve the sole purpose of kindness.

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These are times to use them:

  • When sharing wisdom – People learn better with positivity. As the Venn Diagram above shows, they perform well if they like their environment.
  • When you want to grow a relationship – Positivity often begets positivity. So if you influence your loved ones in a positive light, you will also receive positivity.
  • At work – Challenging times at workplaces become easier with mutual kindness.

Examples of kind words

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Using kind words is important. You can use them as inspirational or motivational tools to help people achieve better things in life.


Any kind and positive word can make a person’s day. It assures them you’ve noticed. So, whenever you interact with someone, slip in compliments.

Any compliment works wonders. Try to share these words, though:

  1. “You look vibrant. Why do you seem so happy?”
  2. “That attire makes you appear more attractive.”
  3. “You’re a splendid baker. No wonder our colleagues look forward to the cookies you bring to work.”

Words of encouragement

If you see someone struggling, kind words can help them out. The words they hear can strengthen them and give them the push they could use.

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Tips? Acknowledge their struggles. And assure them of positive results.

Here are examples:

  1. “Don’t worry. Hard work pays off. As long as you’re doing things right, your invested effort won’t go to waste.”
  2. “Wow! I admire you for working on this website for years. Keep it up and you’ll reap magnificent rewards soon.”
  3. “Your dedication is one-of-a-kind. I have a great feeling you’ll be glad about your work.”

To inspire new beginnings

Say, someone believes their life sucks. And sadly, they feel so strongly about it.

Changing their minds may not resolve the situation. If you’d argue with them, chances are, they’ll resent you for wasting their time.

The solution? Let them hear the words below.

  1. “Don’t forget to look on the bright side. There’s always a silver lining to every problem.”
  2. “People make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean they can’t correct them.”
  3. “You need to leave behind the things that slow you down. They might have introduced significant experiences before. But for you to move forward, they have to go.”

Providing constructive feedback

Want to help someone improve their ways?

Then be valuable while you stay kind. Stick to useful comments and don’t demean them. As much as possible, be specific about what you’re getting at.

  1. “I love how you streamlined the process. I hope you do it as well soon.”
  2. “Great eye on even the smallest detail of this program. And I’d appreciate it if you work more in this area.”
  3. “Congratulations on the job well done. You’ve corrected the errors and omitted the unnecessary lines.”

Words of appreciation

Let someone know you appreciate their work. It makes them feel valuable. And it inspires them to do more.

Here’s what you can say:

  1. “Thanks for the job well done. I appreciate that you always put a game face on and knock out challenges relentlessly.”
  2. “Your help and support means a lot. I might not have done it without you.”
  3. “Everything you touch seems to turn into gold. I’m so grateful you contributed to this project.”
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Final thoughts

Dealing with stubborn and toxic people?

I have to admit. It’s not always easy to be kind to others.

However, be kind to them, anyway. If you can’t say anything kind to them, be the bigger person, and walk away.

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