5 Children’s Stories About Cats

Last Updated on November 21, 2022

The world is full of amazing stories, but there are some that have been told for generations. Children’s books are one type of story that has an important place in our lives because they teach things about the world and human nature.

Is your child one of those kids who adore cats? Stories like “The Cat in The Hat” by Dr. Seuss or “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak are classics and these cat tales will be told to kids for years to come.

Cat Books for Early Readers

In the past, cats were considered to be a symbol of luck and prosperity. Their image was often depicted in old paintings with a watchful eye on a mouse or rat.

Cats have long been an important part of children’s stories, usually as the main character. In most cases, these characters are mischievous and fun-loving animals that tend to get into trouble but always manage to escape unscathed in the end.

Children are really into picture books so here are more stories that early readers and the whole family will surely love about our feline friends!

The Man and The Little Cat

One day, an old man was walking in the forest and saw a little cat stuck in a hole. The little cat was having a hard time getting out of the hole that’s why the old man decided to lend him a hand. Feeling scared, the poor animal scratched the man’s hand and he pulled back in pain. Despite what happened, the old man did not give up and continued to rescue the cat again and again.

Another man strolling in the forest saw what was happening. He yelled at the old man to stop helping the cat since he could get out on his own.

The old man ignored what the other guy said and just continued reaching out for the cat until he finally succeeded! After that, the old man approached the younger guy and told him that it is the cat’s instinct to scratch and hurt someone when in danger, however, it is the old man’s job to love and care for others.

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Moral of the Story:

Treat everyone with kindness especially those who are in need. Always treat others the way you want to be treated.

The Monkey and Cats

There was a festival when two cats fought over a big cake.

The first cat told the second one that he should have the cake since he saw it first. The second cat disagreed and replied that he should have it instead since he was the one who picked it up.

They continued to quarrel and quarrel until a monkey passed by. He saw the cats fighting and thought of an idea.

With a loud voice, the monkey told the cats to stop fighting and just share the cake together. The cats believed the monkey and handed the cake to him.

The monkey then split the cake in half – with both halves unequal. The monkey shook his head and took a bite from the bigger piece to make it equal. Again, the one he bit appeared smaller now, and decided to take a bite again on the other piece. He continued eating from part to part until he finished the whole cake.

The cats who were fighting earlier were disappointed.

Moral of the Story:

Someone else gains when you don’t settle with each other’s differences.

Splat the Cat

It was the first day of Cat School. Early in the morning, Splat woke up with worry and thought that if he could hide, maybe his worries will disappear.

His mom entered his room to wake him up and tell him to start preparing. Splat told his mom that he doesn’t have any clean socks and should just go to school the next day.

“You don’t wear socks,” replied his mom.

“I’m having a bad hair day,” another excuse by Splat.

His mother then combed his hair. “Purr-fect! Don’t forget to bring your lunchbox,” said her mom once done with his hair.

As Splat was preparing to leave, he thought that he’ll be needing a friend at school. He then dropped his pet mouse, Seymour, in his lunchbox.

When it was time to go, Splat thought again of a number of excuses to not go to school: the front door was not letting him out, the gate was not letting go of his fingers, and the lamppost was blocking his way.

Her mom suggested that Splat ride his bike to school then and so he did.

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Once he reached the school a big, round cat called Mrs. Wimpydimple greeted him. She was Splat’s teacher and introduced him to the whole class.

“HI, SPLAT!” his classmates energetically greeted him.

Mrs. Wimpydimple then proceeded with the class and told them how amazing, clever, cunning, and quick cats are. Splat then asked if he was amazing too which Mrs. Wimpydimple replied yes.

The teacher continued that cats can climb trees, drink milk, and chase mice. Splat asked why they chase mice and Mrs. Wimpydimple just said that that’s just what cats do. Unsatisfied with her answer, Splat asked “But why?”

“Because…” Mrs. Wimpydimple sighed then immediately said that it’s already lunchtime.

When Splat opened his lunched box, his classmates saw Seymour and began chasing after him. Scared, Seymour hid behind a glass bottle. When Splat’s classmates saw the mouse’s face through the glass, they all screamed and ran away. “Stop!” Splat screamed.

When Mrs. Wimpydimple heard the commotion, she ordered the class to go back inside. It was milk time but the door to the cupboard of milk was stuck. Splat had an idea and asked Seymour to open the door for them.

Moments later, the door opened and all the cats had their milk time. They thanked Seymour and promised not to chase any mouse again. When Splat’s mom came to pick him up, Splat was very happy and told her mom how amazing his day was.

The next day, Splat woke up early again. It was the second day of Cat School and he was filled with excitement this time.

Moral of the Story:

Always help each other despite your differences. Accepting others and having a heart full of love is the most useful asset a person can have.

Jimmy The Cat and Gardening

One day, Jimmy the cat had an idea. He thought of growing his own plant and decided to plant Broccoli.

Bobik the dog was puzzled by Jimmy’s plant of choice in which the cat replied that he doesn’t eat flowers.

Simon, the clever spider, asked Jimmy if there are worms on his soil. He read somewhere that soil should contain worms so that plants will grow better.

Jimmy the cat had no idea about this so he asked Patty the parrot to ask some worms for help.

Every day, the friends helped each other to grow the plant. Jimmy was assigned to watering it, Bobik removed unnecessary weeds, Patty chased the caterpillars away, and Simon catches the flies.

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Alas, the broccoli started growing and was ready for harvest! Everything was possible because all of Jimmy’s friends helped him.

Moral of the Story:

Teamwork and patience are almost as important as the right tools and the skills to use them. Helping each other makes any job easier and faster.

Belling the Cat

There was a small village where hundreds of mice lived. They all lived there happily and peacefully until a cat entered their area.

Seeing that there is plenty of mice in the area, the cat decided to live there. Whenever the night approaches, the cat would hide in the dark and catch any mice that come out. The terror increased day by day and the mice could not figure out how to escape from the clever cat.

One day, the mice decided to hold a meeting. They discussed how they would avoid the cat and the mice gave suggestions after the other until one old rat suggested his idea.

He told the mice that they should tie a bell to the cat’s neck so that they’ll know whenever the cat is present. Everyone agreed to this suggestion and started dancing for fun. Filled with joy, one sensible rat shouted that this mission is dangerous. Tying a bell to a cat’s neck will be difficult and hearing this, the rats became frustrated again.

While still in the meeting, everyone heard the cat’s voice and they all went back to their holes. No one could tie the bell and the cat continued hunting for mice.

Moral of the Story:

While the saying, “Actions speak louder than words” is true, it does not mean that words are not important. However, in situations where actions are needed, if no one is willing to act on them, you can not get the result you wish for. No matter how perfect and beautiful a plan is, if no one is willing to take action, it will all be in vain.

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