8 Inspirational Story for Kids

Last Updated on December 5, 2022

Who doesn’t want to learn stories that could make a difference for their kids?

There’s a lot of pressure and many people are struggling in the world today but the one thing we can do to make it right is by teaching our children to be kind and to get involved in their communities.

In this article, we will explore stories that can inspire kids and families alike to make a difference in this world.

8 Inspiring Stories for Kids

Puppies for Sale


A young boy saw a “Puppies For Sale” sign at a shop and approached its owner. He asked how much the puppies are and the owner told the child that the price ranges between  $30 to $50.

The little boy reached for his pocket and showed the owner his $2.37 change. He then asked the shop owner if he could look at the puppies.

The owner smiled and whistled. Out came from the kennel is a Lady who ran down the aisle with its tiny balls of fur. Following the Lady was a puppy lagging behind. The boy asked why the puppy was limping and the owner said that the veterinarian discovered that it didn’t have a hip socket. Without it, the puppy would forever be lame.

The little boy got excited and said that he wanted to buy that puppy. However, the owner declined and instead offered to give it for free. Getting a bit upset, the boy looked into the owner’s eyes and told him that he doesn’t want the puppy for free because that little dog is worth the same as all the other dogs; therefore he would fully pay for its price.

The shop owner countered the kid again and told the little guy that he would really not want this dog. He’ll always limp and could never run, jump, and play like the other puppies.

The boy rolled up his pant leg and revealed a badly twisted, crippled left leg which is supported by a big metal brace. Looking at him in disbelief, the boy muttered softly that he too can’t run well and that the adorable little pup would need someone to understand his condition.

Moral of the Story:

Everyone has their own weakness. In your journey of self-improvement, surround yourself with people who challenge and support you. Your weaknesses are inevitable – don’t let them stop you!

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Dream Big


A shy and reserved little girl named Lily enjoys playing soccer. Her friends and classmates often tease her about her interest but Lily was determined to pursue soccer and be a successful player in the future.

After school, Lily is eager to finish her homework and get out on the soccer field. Her mother completely understands how much she loves playing, so she supports her in any way she can.

When Lily heard about the interschool competitions, she decided to compete. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly on competition day, she took part in selection trials and her classmates mocked her again. To their surprise, Lily gets selected by the judges to represent their school after performing well enough. Her hard work and commitment made every person who mocked her silent.

Moral of the Story:

You have the ability to achieve anything you set your mind on, no matter how daunting of a task it may be or how much you get ridiculed by others.

The Valuable Gift


There was a young boy named John. For a long time, he dreams of having a bicycle of his own to ride wherever he goes. But since his father does not earn enough, John’s dream remained a dream.

One day when he was walking for school, John sees a young boy riding a well-built bicycle. While taking a turn, the bicycle skidded thus hurting the boy. John rushed to help the boy and took him to a doctor. After that, he accompanied the boy to his home.

Unbeknownst to John, the boy he just helped belongs to a wealthy family. When the boy’s parents saw John helping their son, they gifted him with a new bicycle as a reward for his kindness.

Moral of the Story:

Always be kind. Helping others in need is a rewarding feeling to have.

A Butterfly’s Struggle


A man finds a butterfly emerging from its cocoon one day. After sitting there for a while, he decides it’s time to help the struggling bug when it was struggling to come out through the tiny opening. After noticing that it’s not moving, he decides to help more by using a pair of scissors.

He begins by snipping off the cocoon and fully opening the hole. Having a swollen body and undeveloped wings, the butterfly struggles to emerge out of its cocoon. The man patiently waits for its wings to grow as he tries nursing it but in vain.

The butterfly spends its short life struggling to fly and crawling around on its own while the man tried doing good without realizing that some struggles are an important part of life. Nature itself designs butterfly bodies to struggle before they can freely fly.

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Moral Of the Story:

We are all shaped by our experiences. Whether we have been through hardships or not, they shape us into the people that we become.

The Obstacle in Our Path


A King once decided to test the resiliency of his people by placing a large boulder in their path. He hid and watched as many citizens walked around it. Some even blamed him for not keeping the roads clear but no one attempted moving the huge stone out of its place.

One day, a peasant carrying a load of vegetables approached the boulder. The peasant laid down his things and tried to push the stone out of the road. After some time of pushing and straining, the peasant succeeded and went back to pick up his vegetables.

As he was about to leave, he noticed a purse on the ground where the boulder had been. It contained many gold coins with a note from the King telling him that the gold was for whoever removed the boulder.

Moral of the Story:

Every obstacle we experience teaches us valuable lessons to improve our circumstances. While some tend to complain, others are living and creating opportunities to get things done willingly.

Three Friends and a Fisherman


There were fishes living in a large pond where three were best friends. One day, a fisherman saw lots of fish in the pond and decided to call other fishermen to cast nets. The three friends were all worried about their lives.

The wise fish among the three suggested that they find another pond and quickly move there. The other friend agreed except for the reluctant fish. He feels that their pond is their home and it is cowardly to leave it behind.

The two fish tried their best to convince their friend but to no avail. The two of them decided to part ways with their friend in search of a new pond. When the fishermen arrive the next day, the reluctant fish who didn’t leave with his friends was caught by them.

Moral Of the Story:

Don’t get too lost in the details of a crisis or let temporary attachments distract you.

Always look at the bigger picture and act accordingly when dealing with a problem, whether it is personal or professional.

The Elephant Rope


One day, a gentleman was walking through an elephant camp. He saw that the elephants were not kept in a cage or chains.

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In fact, the only thing keeping them from escaping the camp was a small piece of rope tied around one of their legs.

He was confused and wondered why the elephants don’t attempt to escape even if they are capable and strong enough to do so. The gentleman decided to ask the trainer about his observation.

The trainer replied that at a very young age, the same rope size was used to tie them and effectively hold them to their places. As they grew older, they are conditioned that the rope will not break away even if they try so because they already believe that they can never break free from it.

Moral of the story:

Never let the world hold you back. If there’s one thing you should always remember, it is that nothing can hold you back from realizing your dreams. Believing in yourself and knowing what it takes to succeed are the two most important things when trying to achieve success.

The Group of Frogs


While the group was traveling through the forest in search of a pond, two of the frogs accidentally fall into a deep pit. As they try to jump out, their friends express concern for them while also discouraging them from being able to make it out.

The two frogs decided to ignore the discouraging words of others and continued to try jumping out of the pit. They tried very hard and did their best to come out of the pit while those watching from above tells them to give up.

As time went on, one of the frogs decided to give up and died in the pit while the other one continued struggling and jumping as hard as it can.

After trying for so long, the frog finally succeeded and came out of the pit alive. The other frogs were greatly surprised and asked how the frog succeeded even though they were telling him to give up. The frog explained that he is deaf and thought that they were just cheering for him.

Moral Of the Story:

Words can significantly impact our lives. However, it is essential to learn how to control your perception of it because it could influence your decisions in the long run.


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