4 Bedtime Short Stories About Wolves

Last Updated on December 5, 2022

Many people love reading stories to their children. It’s a great way of bonding with your little one and also helps them fall asleep at night.

Short stories are so immersive and it’s easy to get wrapped up in them. There are many different types of stories that you can read to your child and what young kids usually enjoy is books about animals.

For this blog post, here are some wolf short stories that kids will surely love!

The Fox and The Wolf

Once, there were two good friends in the forest: the fox and the wolf. Whenever the wolf goes hunting, the fox would always tag along. The fox thought that he would let the wolf hunt while he’d find the time to sneak away some of the wolf’s catch.

This happened for a long time. Wherever the wolf went, the fox would follow and eat without doing the hard work. When the wolf noticed how cunning and deceiving his friend was, he decided to avoid the fox and hunt alone. He realized that the fox is not a good friend and only uses him for his own gain.

When the winter was approaching, the wolf began hunting and saving the meat he had collected. Since it will be hard to go out during the winter he believed that he should store as many animals as he can so that he won’t starve.

The wolf was doing all the hard work, whereas the fox lazed around, waiting and expecting the wolf to take him to hunt. Many days went by and still no words from the wolf. With little food to eat, the fox decided to visit his friend in his cave.

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Not wanting to tell his real motive for coming, the fox peeped inside the cave and pretended to care about the wolf’s health. What he saw next was a huge pile of meat that the wolf collected through his hard work.

The wolf coughed and told his friend that he is sick and would come to visit once he gets better. The fox sent his regards and left the cave to the wolf’s relief. He whispered to himself that he doesn’t want to be friends with someone who is selfish.

The fox was hurt that the wolf ignored him and decided to get his revenge. He lured a shepherd to the wolf’s den. Angry at the wolf for killing many of his sheep, the shepherd decided to kill the wolf.

The fox was overjoyed. “This is what you get for being mean to me,” he said and decided to have all the meat. While celebrating in the cave, a hunter saw the fox and shot him to sell its fur for a great price.

Moral of the Story:

Be true and honest to your friends. Do not use them for selfish reasons.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd boy in a village. One day, he felt bored with his chores. He came up with a wicked idea and started shouting at the edge of the hill.

“Help! Help! There is a wolf! He is gonna eat all our sheep!” screamed the boy.

All the villagers panicked and went to where the boy was. When they reached the top of the hills, there was no wolf to be seen and they angrily went back to their houses.

Enjoying what happened, the shepherd decided to do the prank the next day but again there was no wolf.

One day, the boy really saw a wolf approaching the herd. The boy once again screamed for help but this time, none of the villagers believed him. Nobody helped the shepherd, knowing the lies he did in the past. Since that day, nobody ever trusted the boy again.

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Moral of the Story:

Lying is not just a bad habit, it can also hurt others. Even if you are telling the truth, but you excessively lie, it will be hard for others to trust you.

Three Little Pigs

illustration of isolated fairy tale three little pigs vectorPin

There were three little pigs making their own house. The first pig built a house made of straw while the second made his with sticks. Both pigs did medium work and quickly finished their houses because they were lazy. On the other hand, the third pig decided to use bricks to make his house and worked hard all day.

One day, a big bad wolf came. He wanted to eat the pigs so he went to the first house. He huffed and puffed and blew the straw house immediately.

Frightened, the first pig ran to the second pig’s house to hide. Again, the big bad wold huffed and puffed and blew the second pig’s house down.

Terrified, the two pigs ran to the last pig’s house made of bricks. The wolf tried and tried to blow the house down but he could not. Hours passed and the big bad wolf still can’t destroy the house that’s why he tried to enter through the chimney.

What he didn’t know was that the three little pigs boiled a big pot of water and the wolf fell into it.

Since then, the two little pigs realized and promised never to be lazy again.

Moral of the Story:

Hard work pays off. It helps us to reach our goals and achieve the things we are aiming for.

Little Red Riding Hood

There was a little girl. Her grandmother gave her a red riding hood and since then everybody called her the little red riding hood.

One day, she decided to visit her grandmother who fell sick deep in the woods. Her mother gave her a basket with food and a bottle of wine and told her not to stray from the path.

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Unfortunately, she forgot this warning and met a wolf in the woods. The wolf asked her where she is heading and the little girl told him where she was going. Having a bad idea, the wolf tricked the girl to stop and pick some flowers while he ran to the granny’s house.

When the girl reached her granny’s house, she noticed and asked why her grandma has great arms, ears, and teeth. After that, the wolf ate the girl and took a nap.

While napping, a huntsman came by the house and saw the sleeping wolf. He noticed what happened and freed the girl and her grandma.

Moral of the Story:

Be careful about who you trust. Be wary and skeptical of people, even if they’re friendly or seem harmless at first glance.

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