6 True Stories About Christmas

Last Updated on January 6, 2023

Not in the mood to take a break this Christmas?

It’s understandable to feel like that. Maybe you’re uneasy about leaving behind unfinished work. Or maybe you’re not looking forward to seeing some people.

But hey, don’t forget Christmas Day is a special day. And it comes only once every year.

Besides, if you take that break, chances are, you’ll thank yourself for it — especially if it’s a much-needed break. And if you want to feel merry and experience the spirit of the holidays, check out the stories below. 

1. The Christmas miracle of the PO on Angelica

Christmas miracle of the PO on Angelica

In the 1980s, government authorities threatened to close the Post Office on Angelica in New York. An artist named Pat loved that PO and felt her heart crush upon hearing about its possible closure.

In a plan to save the establishment, she created and developed a relevant art project. It was a design that depicts the cancellation of a postage stamp if the PO’s closure proceeded.

Soon, government authorities learned about Pat’s work. They considered her effort of wanting to save the PO in Angelica one of the most touching stories they heard. Because of Pat’s agenda, they decided to terminate the plan of closing the PO. 

Years later, Pat’s design became part of a stamp collection. The collection consists of marvelous stamps used by people once a year.

Looking back, she couldn’t help but embrace the warm fuzzies she has.

Who knew it would become part of a holiday tradition? Never in her life did she imagine people coming to the PO in Angelica to use her stamp for mailing Christmas cards.

2. A brother’s unexpected gift on Christmas eve

A brother’s unexpected gift on Christmas eve

Jane and her brother, John, have always been fond of cedar trees. They liked the trees so much that they planted plenty of them in their family home’s backyard when they were little.

Now that they are in college and living away from their family home, they don’t get to see much of the cedar trees.

When they came home one day (the day before Christmas), Jane went to their backyard. It broke her heart when she saw the cedar tree she planted was no more. 

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When John saw her in tears, he looked for a blank sheet of paper. When he found one, he drew a picture of a cedar tree on it.

When Jane saw the drawing, she got upset. John was a gifted artist. And when they were little, he would always draw items that would make her angry. 

As she remembered her childhood days, she felt frustrated. But rather than get mad at him at that moment, she bolted to her room and slept away her sadness.

That night, her family members knocked on her door to invite her to eat.

It was already Christmas eve!

When she came out of her room to eat Christmas dinner and walked by the living room, she saw John’s drawing. 

John framed the picture he drew of the cedar tree. Then he hung it on top of their family’s Christmas tree next to the Christmas tree angel — all the while she locked herself in her room!

She wrapped her arms around John. After that, she broke down, apologized to him for getting upset at him earlier, and she thanked him for taking the time to cheer her up. 

3. The airline that made dreams come true during the holiday season

Canadian carrier WestJet provided holiday cheer for 250 passengers on a flight from Halifax to Calgary. The airline wanted people to have happy hearts that Christmas season. So they posted a digital Santa Claus in an airport and asked passengers what they wanted for Christmas.

Most passengers requested basic items like mugs and sweaters. Others went big, and they asked for high-end furniture and gadgets.

While everybody was in the air, members of WestJet sprinted to shops next door and purchased the items all the passengers requested. Some were difficult to find. But the executives at WestJet gave strict orders: 

Every passenger on that flight must get what they want.

And it happened, when the passengers got off the plane, every single person received their Christmas present at baggage handling.

It was a simple gesture for the carrier. But it was a magical and unforgettable experience for the passengers. Some even said it made their dreams come true.

4. A season for Mercy

Mark came home one Christmas morning. It was unexpected for him to do that considering the ultimatum he gave to his family.

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“If Mercy steps foot in this house ever again, I’m out of this family for good,” he once yelled at the top of his lungs.

Mercy was his lazy and mentally challenged sister. All his life, he couldn’t stand her ways. And during that incident, he proclaimed he’s had enough of her when he found she’s been secretly piggybacking him.

“It’s her or me,” he added.

When he expressed his ultimatum, the rest of the family understood where he was coming from. They even told him he had every right to get frustrated with his sister.

But they were on Mercy’s side. His father told him that just because he’s right doesn’t mean he gets to have his way. Besides, his father reminded him Mercy is mentally ill and is his blood, and as annoying as she may be, she’s not a bad person. She needs empathy, understanding, and compassion — not judgment.

For years, Mark didn’t return home. It was because of that incident that he chose to stay distant. He didn’t even keep in touch. While it was sad, his family accepted his decision.

But that Christmas, Mark just appeared on their door.

The first thing he did? He went to Mercy’s room and hugged her.

When it was Christmas eve, and when everybody distributed presents, he sat beside his sister. He handed her a gift card to a furniture store where she was free to pick out the LA-Z-Boy she always yearned for.

“You’re family, and I apologize for making you feel like you’re not,” he assured her.

5. A memorable Christmas morning

A memorable Christmas morning

Paula remembered how her mom freaked out one Christmas. Her mom asked her to pack her bags because they were heading to her grandparents’ house. Because she was so happy with the new set of toys she received earlier, she forgot all about her mom’s instructions.

When her mom saw she still hasn’t packed, her mom went berserk. Her mom flipped tables, smashed things, and cried. That day, all Paula thought of was how overly dramatic and overreacting her mom was. She even hated her mom for it.

As she looked back on that incident decades later, she saw things differently. She realized her mom wasn’t being overly dramatic or overreacting. And she hated herself for thinking less of her mom.

It was that day when her mom received the news her grandparents had both been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Worse, the doctor said they only had less than a month to live.

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Her mom never told her it was the last Christmas she could spend with her grandparents. She realized the reason her mom got so upset time was that she received the most devastating news of her life. If she had known, Paula would’ve packed her bags faster and spent more time with them.

6. A very Merry Christmas to a homeless boy

A very Merry Christmas to a homeless boy

Glen, a self-made billionaire, walked to Walmart. He bought a one-cup coffee and was struck by the display of toys next to a large Christmas tree. Of all the shining and shimmery items, a bicycle caught his attention.

He remembers how much he wanted a bike when he was little. Unfortunately, his family couldn’t afford to give it to him. So he had to borrow from his neighbor.

He would borrow a bike whenever he can ride.

He also remembers many other times he wanted things so badly. It was a terrible feeling, and he never wanted to experience it again. In a way, his poor financial status was the reason he learned to work hard now.

As he was reminiscing about his youth, he saw a young boy in rugged clothes admiring the toys. He approached the boy and asked him which of the toys he wanted.

The boy pointed at the bike. He smiled — primarily because if someone asked him which toy he wanted, he would also want the bike.

Then he asked the boy to come with him to the counter. Then without hesitation, he told the salesman he will buy the bike for the boy.

The boy smiled and thanked him. He wished him a merry Christmas and left Walmart.

Final thoughts

These stories about Christmas bring hope and joy. 

They’re an excellent reminder that many people are willing to go above and beyond to share happiness in the spirit of Christmas.

And if you have your own Christmas story to tell, feel free to share it below.

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