4 Beautiful Husband and Wife Stories

Last Updated on November 8, 2022

Love a good story about husbands and wives?

Then this article is for you — and for anyone who enjoys reading husband and wife stories. 

The stories below are heartwarming. They’ll encourage you to appreciate great partnerships between husbands and wives. They’ll also inspire you to see your spouse in a better light.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary

A married couple who was about to celebrate 20 years of togetherness had a challenging time talking to each other about annoying habits.

One day, the wife thought of a solution. She bought two notebooks — one for her and one for her husband. 

She told her husband he should write his complaints about her in his diary and she’ll do the same with her complaints about him. She instructed him to be very detailed about his complaints. Then she told him they’ll give each other their notebooks on their upcoming wedding anniversary.

On the day of their wedding anniversary, they exchanged notebooks. When she handed her notebook to her husband, she was so proud of herself for venting out all of the things that she found annoying about him.

The notebooks contained about 50 pages. And she wrote on almost every page!

When her husband handed her his notebook, she was proud of him, too — until she started flipping the pages. It was empty. 

She gave her husband a look of disappointment. Then she told him how his laziness is getting out of control. She was about to speak some more. But he stopped her and wrapped his arms around her.

“I intentionally left it empty because I have no complaints about you. Sure, you can be uptight. But none of these complaints matter. Your love, kindness, and empathy for me are what matters more.”

The wife was touched.  She was about to cry. Her husband wrapped up the moment and said he’ll always love her unconditionally and wished her a happy wedding anniversary.

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From two strangers to a happy, married life together

They bumped into each other on a bus during an overseas trip to Ireland. Both of them were soul-searching and exploring all the world has to offer.

At first, all they did was chat casually. They talked about their basic goals in life, interesting experiences, and funny stories.

It surprised them how much they clicked. Every time they had a conversation, it was like they’ve known each other all their lives.

Because they felt comfortable around each other, they explored Ireland together. They drank beer, met locals, explored lakes, and more.

After their overseas trip, they had to part. They lived in separate countries. They still kept in touch, of course — via emails and social media networks. They even planned to meet up back in Ireland after a decade.

Both of them were glad that they honored their agreement when they met in the country again. 10 years passed! 

Sure, they may have aged and changed physically. But when they saw each other, it was as if no year had gone by. Talking to each other was as easy as it was before. And because it was easy to talk to the other, both of them didn’t have a hard time telling each other they wanted to spend their lives together.

For a brief while, many of their families and friends were against their relationship. Learning that people were against them was sad to hear. But they took the opinions of their loved ones with a grain of salt.

More importantly, they worked with each other in building a lasting and well-founded relationship. They focused on themselves, helped each other grow, and became the best versions of themselves. They also applied what they learned through the years and committed themselves to each other.

Not long after, they got married, had two children, and lived as happily as they could. Once a year, they visited the country where they first met. 

Neither of them believed in destiny. But the country held a special place in their hearts. They believed being at the same place and at the same time was what made them enter each other’s lives.

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A perfect love: Late but perfect

Old married couplePin

There lived a man who wanted to be in a perfect relationship. “A perfect woman or no one,” he said when his friends prodded him into going into a relationship with someone.

His friends insisted that a perfect woman doesn’t exist. They said if he doesn’t settle for any woman, he is going to end up living life alone.

He knew his friends meant well. But he’s not up to giving himself to someone half-heartedly.

So while his friends got married in their 20s, he went through life on his own. He traveled the world, enjoyed great food, and explored cultural practices. He was alone, alright. But he never felt empty or felt his life was lacking in any sort. 

One day, though, things changed for him when he met this woman. He was in his 30s. In his eyes, the woman was perfect. She cared for him and became his partner in his pastimes. The activities he used to do on his own were now the same activities he had to do with her.

For a while, he found it difficult to make room for her in his life. But the thought of having her in his life was lovely. And it was the motivation he needed to make major life decisions and changes. From his calculations, a way to make things work smoothly with her is if he gave up some of his own hobbies.

And without hesitation, he did whatever was necessary to make things work with her. He was always up for anything that made her happy. Soon, he married her and raised children with her.

In a way, he began dedicating his life to her. And he was more than happy he did. His life became meaningful.

When one of his friends asked him how he managed to be in a happy marriage, he said almost the same thing he did when his friend gave him unsolicited advice over 10 years ago:

“Perfect woman or no one.”

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From best friends to lovers

They were always each other’s favorite person until the day came when he confessed his feelings for her. When she didn’t feel the same way, he was crushed. While she loved him, her love for him was a love like the one she felt for her brother.

His heart was broken. He really loved her more than just a best friend. But he knew he couldn’t force her to love him back. So although it caused him pain, he decided to be far away from her. He wanted other people to care for her, too. And he hoped someone out there would love her as much as he did.

It wasn’t long, however, when she came running to him. She wanted him to be in her life, after all.

She realized she only ever felt happy, safe, and appreciated in his presence. And as if they haven’t spent time apart, they carried on with their usual activities. They even decided to tie the knot.

Spending their lives together wasn’t difficult. Sure, they experienced a few rocky times during their marriage. They would fight about bills and other responsibilities. But there was never a time one of them wanted to be without the other. 


Hopefully, you enjoyed these stories featuring husbands and wives.

Remember, there’s no “one-size-fits-all approach” to a meaningful married life. Each married couple’s idea of a meaningful marriage is unique. And what works for one husband and wife may not be the same element that works for another.

What’s important is, both the husband and wife are on the same page. As long as they can see eye to eye and always have a united front, their marriage will be meaningful.

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