10 Awesome Team Building Activities at Work for Adults

Last Updated on September 20, 2022

Looking for awesome team building activities at work for adults? We get it, it’s hard for near-strangers to break the ice, much more band together for an activity but take this opportunity to bond with your co-employees while having fun in the process. Make your company outing unforgettable with these team building activities at work for adults!

Fun and Easy Team Building Activities at Work for Adults

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Circle of Silence

This quick and easy game requires active listening and team communication. To play this game, form a circle and choose one person to stand in the middle of the circle, blindfolded. The game requires an object – such as marbles or tins – to be passed around to the rest of the group without making a noise.

The person in the middle must listen carefully as the object is being passed around. If a sound is detected, he or she must point to the source of the noise. The person who made the noise replaces the blindfolded person in the center of the circle!

Birthday Lineup

This game that promotes cooperation, communication, while enhancing problem-solving skills among players. The mechanics of the game are simple: ask the participants to fall in line side by side. Then, ask each one to arrange their line according to the month and day of their birth. Now here’s the challenging part, the participants must arrange themselves accordingly without uttering a single word! They can only communicate using sign languages, nudges, and facial expressions. Fun right?

Scrap Tower

This is an engaging team building activity that boosts creative thinking and time management. To play, divide a group of participants into small teams. Ask each team to pick a team name. Then provide stacks of newspaper and a roll of tape and ask each team to build a tower. The goal here is to build the highest tower in 40 minutes or less. The tower should stand for at least 30 seconds and those who built a shaky tower are eliminated from the game.

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Blind Maze

This game builds leadership and better team communication between players. Start by clearing out a spot and putting a marker. Divide the players per group, one of which will search for the marker while blindfolded. Then, he or she has to retrace his or her steps and then switch places to the next player. Here’s the challenging part, each time the player retraces his or her steps, the route should be more complex!

Radio Play

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A group of Individual Placement members enjoys a team building activity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This great game promotes creative thinking, teamwork and time management among players. Get each participant to work together to perform a radio play. Each team needs to collaborate with one another for 90 minutes. After planning, they must perform the radio play in front of other teams. The team with the best play wins the game.

Egg Escape Rocket

Boost creative thinking, planning, and cooperation between teams with this game. Group the participants into different teams. Each team must build a rocket using scrap materials and use it to launch an egg on a landing area without breaking. Whichever team lands on or nearest to the landing area wins the challenge!

Spider Web

The mechanics of the game is to have everyone in a team pass through a “spider web’s holes” without touching the said web. And no, you won’t use real spider webs. You have to make the spider web using a ball of yarn and duct tape. Simply choose several fixed objects – such as poles or trees – to secure the strings – and you’re done. This game helps build persistence, cooperation, and trust between players!

Sheep and Shepherd

The game is simple: participants must act as a flock of sheep guided by a shepherd. To start, give the participants several minutes to plan how to be in one pen then choose a “shepherd.” Provide a whistle to the shepherd and before having all participants wear a blindfold. The shepherd must then use the whistle to organize the flock of “sheep.” He or she cannot shout the instructions.

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Water Carry

Yet another fun game that won’t take too long to complete. Before starting, get 10 paper cups and fill each one with water. Place 5 cups on the floor at one end of the room and then the other 5 on the opposite side of the room. The distance between the two ends must be at least 20 feet. Then, provide a tray for each team.

The challenge is this: they must retrieve all cups without spilling a single drop of water. Only one cup of water should be retrieved at a time and the participants can’t retrieve the cups from the same side twice in a row. This means the retrieval will be done alternately on either side of the room. To up the ante, each participant can only use one hand and one foot to retrieve the cups of water! If a single drop of water spills, the player has to start all over again!

Triangle of Life

Rounding up our list of the best team building activities at work for adults is Triangle of Life. To play, place several survival items on three islands. These items must include food, water, and radio. The players must pretend to be stuck on these islands and they must work together to survive until rescue comes by gathering the survival items using limited tools.

For more ideas of team building activities at work for adults, please refer to the infographic below:

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