How Can I Make My Marriage Stronger?

Last updated on September 30th, 2021 at 11:32 am

Marrying the person you love must be one of the best things you’ve done with your life. And because you want to keep your marriage strong, you constantly ask this question:

“How can I make my marriage stronger?”

So this post will answer that question for you. Here, you’ll learn nine ways to make your marriage stronger and make it last forever.

The goal? Help you make your marriage stronger.

Why and how can I make my marriage stronger?

It’s important to make your marriage stronger. If your marriage means the world to you, you should prioritize the work you have to do for it.

Reasons to make your marriage stronger include:

  • You want your marriage to grow – Strong marriages can help you and your husband grow as individuals and as a couple. If you plan on having children and building a family someday, this growth is important.
  • You want to show your husband unconditional love – Staying married is a choice. So always choose to love your husband no matter what.
  • You want to honor your love for God – Marriage is sacred, especially if you’re a Christian. Your faithfulness and commitment to your husband shows your faithfulness and commitment to God.

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9 ways to make my marriage stronger


Working on making your marriage stronger isn’t an easy feat. However, if you truly love your husband and would want to give him reasons to stay in your marriage, you shouldn’t mind doing the work.

Here are nine ways that will make your marriage stronger:

Be a great wife

Love and respect your husband daily

Daily appreciation for your husband will go a long way. If he wakes up each day with love and respect from you, he knows he has a great day ahead. From the day you first got married, you should treat him with love and respect.

Here are ways to show love and respect for your husband daily:

  • Prepare him satisfying meals – Make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for him. You should also join him and have meaningful conversations.
  • Give compliments – If he’s wearing a nice shirt, let him know. Do the same if he looks more attractive than usual that day.
  • Address him personally – Refer to him by his name always. And talk to him directly.

Support your husband’s ambitions

Your husband may want other things outside your marriage. If he does, you should be okay with it. And be there to help him pursue them. 

Here are ways you can support your husband’s ambitions:

  • Help him stay committed – Remind him of his ambitions. Encourage, motivate, and do whatever it takes to help him achieve his goals.
  • Empathize with him – If you don’t have the same ambitions in life, do your best to understand his perspective. And share his ups and downs along the way.
  • Be proactive – Help him when and where you can.

Take care of your husband

It’s wonderful to know someone’s there to take care of you, right? So be this person for your husband. He’ll appreciate it.

Here are ways you can take care of your husband:

  • Be available – Always be there by his side. Be his partner in everything so he doesn’t feel alone.
  • Listen – If he needs a person to talk to, be there to hear him out. Pay attention to everything he says and don’t interrupt him.
  • Ask – If you sense something’s bothering him, ask. Encourage him to share his problems with you.

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Practice self-care

Take care of yourself

And as you take care of your husband, make sure you take care of yourself, too. In your marriage, don’t forget you’re also important.

Here are ways you can take care of yourself:

  • Eat well – Eat healthy portions of fruits and vegetables. And take your vitamins, too.
  • Exercise – Get 30 minutes of physical activity almost every day. You can also invite your husband to exercise with you.
  • Sleep – Sleep is good for your physical and mental wellness. It allows your body to regain its power.

Make your dreams come true

As you support your husband in his ambitions, don’t set your dreams aside. If you want him to go after what he wants in life, you should go after what you want, too. Otherwise, 10 or so years down the line, you’ll live a life filled with regrets.

Here are ways on how you can make your dreams come true:

  • Create a plan – Make it realistic, and personalize according to your lifestyle. Adjust and readjust it as necessary.
  • Believe in yourself – Build yourself up and remind yourself of your full potential. Also, do your best to silence your fears.
  • Be consistent – Stick to your plan. And always find motivation to pursue your dreams.

Set personal boundaries

Respecting personal boundaries is important. And it can strengthen your marriage. So if there are things you like or dislike, let your husband know. 

Here are ways on how to set personal boundaries:

  • Be specific – Set direct instructions to avoid misunderstandings. And always address your husband’s questions.
  • Say it gently – Let your husband know about the personal boundaries you plan on setting in a respectful manner. Don’t force him to follow your instructions or yell at him.
  • Be relatable – It’s easier to understand your boundaries if your husband can relate to them. 

Stay true to your marriage


If your husband makes mistakes, understand and be ready to forgive him. Talk to him about his habits you find annoying, and let him know how you feel. And when he says sorry, accept his apology and try not to bring it up again.

Here are ways you can forgive your husband:

  • Accept his faults – Understand your husband is human. And like everybody else, he can make mistakes.
  • Always keep communication lines open – When you are disappointed, angry, or sad, tell your husband. Every time his actions hurt you, bring it to his attention.
  • Listen to his side – If he explains the cause of his behavior, hear him out. Do your best to understand him so you can find a solution together.

Remind yourself why you got married

You married your husband for a reason — if not many reasons. Go back to those reasons. And remind yourself (and your husband, too) of those reasons.

Here are ways you can remind yourself why you got married:

  • View old photographs – If you and your husband captured many photos of yourselves before, check them out. And have some framed and put them in a spot where you can always see them.
  • Hang out with them – Spend time doing things that make you guys happy.
  • Remember your wedding vows – Watch your wedding video to remember what you promised your husband during your wedding day. Honor that promise.  

Help each other grow

Couples help each other grow. And it’s why they can leave the past behind and look forward to the new chapters in their life together. So help your husband grow and let him know you’ll appreciate it if he helps you grow, too.

Here are ways you can help each other grow:

  • Remind each other of who you were before – Visit your old hometowns or chat about your early days.
  • Take up new hobbies together – Let go of hobbies you outgrew. And invest time in pursuing a hobby you could enjoy together.
  • Explore fresh sights – Embark on fresh adventures together. Get fresh perspectives and make fresh memories. 

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Final thoughts

A strong marriage is strong because the people involved in it work together to make it strong. They take the time to let their relationship blossom. And they make it their top priority.

So if you ask these questions:

“How can I help my husband be happier?”, “How can I make my marriage stronger?”, and “How can I be a better spouse?”, you’re one of those people. And based on your willingness to invest time and energy, your marriage is going to be stronger.

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