What Are the 6 Traits of Good Character?

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Positive character traits count. Good character traits are the reason why some people thrive, no matter what obstacles are thrown their way.

So let this post help you explore the subject of good character. Let’s talk about the positive character traits that a person should possess and how these character traits can push you into being a good person.

What Are the Benefits of Having Positive Character Traits?

Good character traits can define a person. If you have good character traits, you’ll find that people will want to be with you more. You’ll also have better self-awareness and self-control.

Here are some of the other benefits of having good character.

  • People Will Gravitate Toward You — Someone with a good character trait will attract attention and gain the respect of those around them. Good qualities are a great foundation for character building.
  • People Will Stay in Your Corner — They will support you and help you move up in life. Even when there’s nothing in it for them, they will invest in you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.
  • People Will See You as a Role Model — As someone with positive traits, you will find yourself a role model for people who aspire to be better versions of themselves. People like someone with core values like self-sacrifice and who are self-disciplined.
  • People Will See You as a Good Leader — If you’re a good example to others, then they will inevitably see you as a leader. This is because people like someone with good character traits. Followers want to see courage, honesty, humility, compassion, kindness, and other exemplary values from their leader.

Can You Still Be a Good Person if You Lack a Good Character Trait?

Yes, you can.

If a person lacks one or two good character traits, it doesn’t diminish the goodness of their character. It does, however, point out weaknesses in their personality. And only if they work through the flaws in their personality can they turn their weak points into strengths.

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Sigmund Freud, a notable figure in psychology, can sum it up best. Let’s paraphrase his words. He says that a person will realize their strength after they acknowledge their vulnerabilities.

The Importance of Good Character

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Don’t know what to do after failing business school? Need help to move forward in your writing career? How about getting your sisters to reconcile?

Having a good character helps you in different aspects of life.

Excellent character is important because it:

  • Opens Your Mind to Positive Things — Good character makes you grateful for even the most mundane things. If you’re feeling like your life sucks, for example, you will know what to do.
  • Reminds You to Treat Others Well — You understand the importance of other people — and that they’re as important. Thus, you treat them with kindness.
  • Reminds You to Treat Yourself Well — You know you can’t be there for others if you neglect your value. That’s why you practice self-love and make time for your needs.
  • Motivates You to Pursue a Successful Life — Succeeding in your ambitions is a given if you have an excellent character. Because of your personality, you believe you can conquer whatever you set your mind to.

Six Traits Defines: What Are the Six Traits of Good Character?

Let’s discuss the six traits people with excellent character possess.

1. Respect

Respecting other people is a fundamental value, which is why respect is #1 on this list.

Exceptional leaders are respectful towards others. It’s a trait that gives them an edge over their average counterparts. And even if you’re not cut out to be a leader, you should still be respectful.

People who respect others show excellent character because they:

  • They Show Humility — The ability to respect people reminds them they’re no better than other people. And it tells them to make nobody feel inferior.
  • They Are Highly Likabable — It draws people to them. And it encourages other people to treat everybody with respect.
  • They Abide by the Law of Reciprocity — They believe their actions will snowball. And as a result, these actions will make the world a better place.

2. Integrity

Integrity is making the right decision on your own.

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If your decision is praiseworthy and nobody is around to praise you, you’ll still make it — and you don’t mind the lack of an audience.

Here are the other actions of a person with integrity:

  • They Have Strong Moral Principles — They will always choose right over wrong. And they are impossible to bribe.
  • They‘re Not Pretentious — They’re genuine people and would say what’s on their minds. Even if other people will end up disliking them, they will share their thoughts.
  • They Don’t Take Advantage of Others — They don’t use other people to get ahead in life. When they engage with others, they welcome these people wholeheartedly — and not because of self-interest.

3. Accountability

If you hold yourself accountable for something, you are taking responsibility for it. You recognize if something is wrong and you intervene immediately. And if it boils down to it being your fault, you don’t point fingers.

It’s an outstanding character trait to have because it shows responsibility, courage, and honesty. An accountable person is great to have around because you can count on them.

Examples of situations where a person is showing accountability:

  • They Don’t Steal — They won’t deceive other people even when nobody can recognize the deception. They’re trustworthy and reliable.
  • They Pay Debts on Time — They will pay dues because they know they owe something. They won’t forget about it or wait for the other person to bring it up.
  • They Tell the Truth — They don’t have skewed versions of reality and will reveal facts as they are. If the truth could hurt them, they will accept the consequences.

4. Compassion

You treat other people with justice. In your heart, you don’t carry biases or any sense of entitlement.

When someone calls other people out for negative behavior, you don’t jump to conclusions. You always give them the benefit of the doubt first. And along with that, you give them the chance to correct wrongdoing.

Here are the ways of compassionate individuals:

  • They’re Not Judgmental — They let other people act however these people want. They don’t say or do anything to belittle other people’s choices.
  • They Have High Emotional Intelligence — They think and put their best foot forward before taking action. Their goal is to get the most desirable results.
  • They’re Perpetual Teachers and Students — They’re open to letting others learn. They’re also open to learning new skills.
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5. Caring

The ability to care for other people shows excellent character because it’s an act of selflessness.

With a caring character, you accept the reality that it’s not all about you. And it encourages you to use your strength to strengthen others.

Here are actions caring individuals take:

  • They’re Nice to Everyone They Encounter — They’re delightful, and they smile when they bump into someone. This includes bus drivers, servers, and salespeople.
  • They Show Kindness at Home — They know that there are many reasons to be kind. So they are kind — and well-mannered and thoughtful during interactions with their family.
  • They Offer Help Whenever Necessary — If they see a problem and they know how to fix it, they volunteer to make the problem go away. They don’t wait for other qualified people to show up.

6. Citizenship

Showing good citizenship is when you use a proactive approach as a person.

It’s a personality trait worth possessing because it means you’re taking initiative on how to improve your environment.

Here are simple ways you can identify someone with good citizenship skills:

  • They Report Problems — They address problems by informing the authorities — the best people with the right resources.
  • They Host Events — They attract other people to a cause. And they help these causes be more effective and reach wider audiences.
  • They Donate — They give. And they encourage other people to do the same.

What Are the Six Traits of Good Character for You?

For you, what are the six traits of good character? If you believe there are more than six traits of good character, expand your list.

It’s important to name them to have a solid idea of excellent character. The traits on this list should be enough. But if something doesn’t sit right with you, replace it.

How you decide what are the six traits of good character is up to you. You can even name all the ones mentioned above if they also reflect excellent character for you.

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