What Are 10 Acts of Kindness?

Last updated on July 25th, 2022 at 11:44 am

Random acts of kindness happen every day. And they can happen to anybody — including you.

May they be big or small, these acts can add sunshine to a gloomy day. And they can give you a positive outlook on life.

Can’t tell when an act of kindness is unfolding before your eyes?

Then we’ll dive into the subject in this post. Here, let’s talk about kindness. Let’s also go into the details and identify what are 10 acts of kindness.

What are 10 acts of kindness for?

10 — 20, 50, or 100 — acts of kindness are for helping other people see a different perspective of life. Specifically, they can:

  • Inspire – They can help others see their true calling and live their best lives.
  • Turn the negative into positive – They can motivate other people to build the right habits. And as a result of acquiring new habits, these people can spot the positive things in their situation.
  • Spark change – One kind act can spark another kind act — and another.

For whom are these acts of kindness?

Kindness can also make people look back at the past with no more anger. If they’re having a difficult time living in their present situations, a past encounter might need fixing. And only then can they be truly at peace with where they are.

So that’s why showing examples of what are 10 acts of kindness are also for people who:

  • Turned their backs on loved ones – Showing kindness to them can make them turn back to those they left behind. And they can re-open old wounds and treat these with a wiser and more forgiving heart.
  • Stopped pursuing their dream careers – Showing kindness is showing courage. Thus, if someone gave up on their dreams, an act of kindness can remind them of courage.
  • Dismissed new situations – Kindness is unbiased. If someone doesn’t give new situations a try, let them witness an act of kindness.
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10 acts of kindness: Simple yet powerful good deeds

10 acts of kindness Simple yet powerful good deedsPin

Here are things you can do to help someone understand what are 10 acts of kindness

At home

1. Don’t forget your manners

Say “Please” and “Thank you” whenever necessary. If you step on someone’s foot by accident, offer an apology.

Now, let’s dig deeper. Showing manners is a kind act because it:

  • Inspires better behavior – It encourages other people to be well-mannered, too.
  • Shows respect – Respect begets respect, as the classic adage goes. Plus, it leaves entitlement out of the picture.
  • Makes you likeable – It gets rid of irritation, anger, and other negative emotions.

2. Offer hugs

Hugs are good for your health! And they’re good for those you hug because it’s a form of support.

It can make them feel comfortable and safe around you. And it can reassure them they can count on you.

3. Remember special occasions

Showing up for the people at home is a priceless act of kindness. That’s because nothing says a loved one matters to you more than being there for them during special occasions.

When you should be there:

  • Birthdays – These days only come once every year.
  • Classic holidays – Don’t miss Christmas or New Year’s Eve. They’re your time to unwind and catch up with your loved ones.
  • Milestones – Be there during graduations and weddings.

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At the office

4. Acknowledge colleagues

Whenever you run into a colleague, say “Hi!”. And it’s even better if you squeeze their names into your greeting.

If you’re up to it, why not have a quick chat?

Acknowledging your colleagues is an act of kindness because it shows respect. It tells them you know you’re working with them. And you like having them around.

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5. Bring treats

You may bring boxes of donuts or baked goodies to work. And if you do, make sure you have enough for everyone at the office.

Bringing treats that you and your colleagues can delight in shows thoughtfulness — and a simple act of kindness. Over them, you may talk about random office-related conversations. Or engage in a friendly office banter.

6. Work on extra tasks

For example, you see a messy (yet still workable) cubicle at the back of the office. What you can do with it is clean it. And once it’s clean, you can transform it into a venue where you and your colleagues can hang out.

As long as it’s 100% okay to clean it, your colleagues will receive the act well.

7. Share inspirational words

Bumped into inspirational words to live by? How about inspiring moral stories?

Then tell your colleague about them. Especially if your colleague loves stories, you will be making their day great.

Inspirational words are powerful. They contain lots of wisdom that can help you take action for the best.

Random places

8. Smile

Imagine two people approaching. One is smiling at you. And the other is wearing a frown.

If you want problem-free times ahead, you’d favor the person smiling at you.

That’s because smiling is an act of kindness. It makes someone feel good about seeing you.

Here are things you may want to know about smiling:

  • Smiling can help you live longer – It relieves stress and boosts your immune system.
  • It’s infectious If you smile at a random person, that person also wants to smile back — and at another random person.
  • Smiling makes you attractive – It elevates your mood and helps you carry a pleasant attitude. And it draws people to you.

9. Donate

Find a good cause and help.

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You may go to great lengths and donate to big charitable organizations. For instance, support the starving kids in Africa or The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Or, you may donate to simple causes. Let’s say your friend needs financial aid so she could go to law school. If she didn’t come to you, be the one to go to her. Propose the idea that you will help then help if she’s fine with it.

10. Talk to a person in need

Listening to a person with problems to share is an act of kindness. It helps them release their frustrations and sort out their emotions — instead of bottling them up.

The next time you see someone with lots of things to say, offer to listen.

Here are things you could say to them:

  • “Do you want to talk?”
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • “I’m here to listen and offer advice if you need it.”

So, what are 10 acts of kindness for you?

Like the first line in this post goes, random acts of kindness happen every day. So, from your point-of-view, what are 10 acts of kindness?

It could be as simple as a friend offering you free lunch. And it could also be a family member financing the money you need for school.

Open your eyes to the things that other people do for you. If they make you feel good, count them as an act of kindness.

Appreciate these acts — may they be small deeds or grand gestures. And be grateful!

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