5 Poignant Stories About Dads

Last Updated on May 31, 2022

The best gift parents can give their children is unconditional love. Dads in particular have a special place in our hearts, and it is usually through many stories told about them.

There are countless stories about daddies being there for their kids through thick and thin, no matter what. Some fathers can make you laugh until you cry when they put on a show with the dog. Others hold your hand when mom isn’t around to protect you from things that make you feel scared.

Keep reading below to see some of the amazing short stories about how a father has always put their kids first and do everything in their power to make sure they’re happy.

Best Stories to Celebrate Happy Father’s Day

Father’s day is an opportunity to think about the ways your dad has shaped your lives. Here are some touching stories of dads from around the world, all contributing their own experiences with parenthood.

Playing Indoors

The pandemic has forced everyone into staying at home but it could get boring especially for this little girl. The 8-year-old Azura has lots of energy that is why his dad came up with a unique idea.

Her father asked her if she would like to play a board game but what she didn’t know was that her pop has a few tricks up his sleeves. He decided to turn their entire first floor into a giant, modular, life-sized board game, now that is a loving dad!

Playing this modular board game allows their family to spend good quality time together where she and her father race each other while her mother is the referee. This game that her father, Lue, created out of cardboard not only helps her stay healthy and entertained but also helps Azura feel somewhat in control of her life.

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According to Lue, this makes the pandemic less scary and overwhelming for his daughter; adding that the game also gives Azura a chance to express her feelings and concerns.

Innovative Wheelchair

Innovative Wheelchair - stories about dadPin

Katherine, who was born with cerebral palsy, has always used a wheelchair all her life. Her father, Barry, has been concerned about her wheelchair tipping over so he planned to do something about it.

Two years ago, Katherine’s dad worked with his brother who was an engineer. They realized that no one was working on this problem so they collaborated to create a solution for her daughter.

Barry’s brother created a prototype that would aid Katherine when she’s in her wheelchair. This technology aims to allow her to avoid hazardous objects and will let her go out in the backyard by herself.

But since there was no existing technology out there, the brothers decided to start their own company to introduce their invention to the public. What started as a passion project among family members soon became a tool that paved the way for other people with disabilities from different parts of the world.

Eventually, LUCI, a hardware and software platform that uses sensor-fusion technologies brought their dream prototype to life. This invention allows the wheelchair to “see” and avoid collisions to prevent accidents from happening.

The best thing about this invention is that the technology can be attached to any wheelchair so that people won’t have to buy a new one.

Shaved Head

Will was seven years old at the time when he hit his head while playing with his younger brother.

His father, Nate, took him to the hospital but it was found in the CT scan that he had a serious head injury. Will’s skull was fractured and his brain was bleeding so the doctors performed an emergency brain surgery.

Although Will knew that the surgery was important, he was scared and concerned about shaving his head. Nate assured his son that everything will be okay and to prove it, he shaved his head too.

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Seeing his father bald made him laugh and he immediately felt better. Now that he is fully recovered, Will looks up to his dad who is recently teaching him how to skateboard.

Life Lessons from a Father

The Puzzle Story

One day, there was a little boy who was playing while his father was doing his office work. The son got curious about things while playing so he kept on coming to his father to ask questions.

The boy’s father was getting disturbed and couldn’t do his work properly. He didn’t want to scold the little child so he thought of giving his son some work instead to keep him busy.

The father took out a big old book from the shelf and found a page of the world map. He tore the page and cut it into small pieces to give his son a puzzle to play with.

The moment his son came, he gave the puzzle pieces to his son and instructed him to show them to him once he’s done. The boy happily went away and started playing with the puzzle pieces.

Finally, the father could focus on his work but five minutes later, the boy returned with the finished puzzle. The dad was surprised that the pieces were all joined correctly so he asked him how he did it so quickly.

His son replied that the other side of the puzzle has a picture of a cartoon on it so he joined that side instead. The world map was created automatically once he was done.

Moral of the Story:

It is often difficult to solve a problem when all you can see is just one point of view. There are many ways to solve a problem and sometimes all you have to do is assess it and look at every aspect of the problem to solve it.

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New Eyes

New Eyes - stories about dadPin

Brenna and her dad would drive downtown together during summer break every workday morning. One day, while on a walk, her daddy told her to always look around the world with new eyes.

That simple words gave Brenna a new outlook on life. She noticed how she had passed hundreds of places without truly seeing them. Everything looks mundane before when she passes at them but now, she is seeing things with new excitement and joy.

A minute later, Brenna kissed her father’s cheek and said goodbye. She would never forget what her father said to her and will never see the world the same way again.

Moral of the Story:

Discovering new things and looking at situations from different perspectives can give any person the best life there is. It can make your life more fulfilling and your experiences more worthwhile.

My Daddy, My Hero!

A father’s love is undeniable. It’s passionate, unconditional, and enduring. They are often considered to be the “fun” parent, especially when it comes to their children but that is not always the case though.

A dad can also teach their kids about discipline and other life skills that they can use one day just like the stories above.

These are just some things that show how special a bond is between a father and his kid so go out there and express to your father how much you love him!

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