How Does Kindness Make a Difference?

Do you ask yourself this question:

“How does kindness make a difference?”

If you do, then it’s because you were kind to someone and you want to know howwh you affected their lives. Acts of kindness, no matter how small, are life-changing.

Here, we’ll explore the difference kindness makes. We’ll also discuss things related to the power of kindness — inspirational life stories and more.

This way, you’ll understand how kindness makes a difference. Then hopefully, you’ll feel great about using kindness to make people’s lives better.

How does kindness make a difference for everyone?

Kindness makes a difference for everyone because it changes lives. With a tiny act (often thought of as meaningless), you can make a significant impact on others.

The power of kindness in action

Let’s say a new employee approached you in your workplace. He asked for your help, something nobody usually does.

Considering you have a load of tasks to do and considering he could be thoughtful enough to ask other people with nothing to do, you’re appalled. Notably, you got irritated that, of all people, he went to you.

But rather than snap at him, you kept your cool. You brushed off your ill feelings and chose to show kindness.

So this was what happened: He got to do his job. His first day on the job was great, and it set the tone for how he viewed your workplace — a welcoming environment.

He also performed exceptionally well in the years to come.

Do you think the same thing would have happened if you snapped at him?

Answer: No.

The difference kindness makes

There are many types of kindness. In this section, let’s focus on the type of kindness often ignored: Kindness to yourself which led to you being happier.

Here, we’ll also focus on the inspirational life stories of notable personalities and how kindness changed their lives.

Sofia Vergara

USA - Sofia Vergara Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony - Los AngelesPin
LOS ANGELES – MAY 7: Sofia Vergara at the Sofia Vergara Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony at the Hollywood Blvd on May 7, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA

Sofia Vergara didn’t have her life planned to a T. Becoming an actress wasn’t in her game plan at all.

But because the career paid well, and she desperately needed money, she did her best as an actress.

Here’s why: She was pregnant without a man to help her make ends meet.

Like most mothers, she wanted to grant her baby a chance at something great. And for her to grant her baby a great life, she knew she had to step up.

So she looked out for more promising opportunities and signed up for lucrative acting jobs. She did whatever it took to excel.

Luckily, she got her big break. And when she did, she made the most out of it.

She prioritized a great life for her child. Then she decided to be kind to herself: She splurged on things she enjoyed.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher had a rough start in life.

When he was in high school, he experienced a chaotic home life.

He didn’t have a supportive family or any caring network. His twin brother, Michael, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. And the police arrested him for burglary.

He knew the harsh reality of his life. And he wanted to avoid having time to think about it. In his own words, he wanted to be “too busy to avoid feeling anything”.

So that’s what he did. He pursued what he wanted. He invested time in being kind to himself.

Notably, he invested his time and energy into what made him happy. He took one acting job after another. And he dipped his toe into funding startups.

Soon, his persistence paid off. At some point, he felt things were too good to be true. But instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, he doubled up on his investment.

He invested more time and energy into what made him feel great. Years later, he built a respectable career and found a peaceful life with his wife and children. He also had the resources to provide financial assistance to his twin brother.

Ellen DeGeneres

Because she wasn’t accepted for her sexuality back then, Ellen DeGeneres experienced waves of unemployment.

For her, it was terrible how she couldn’t afford a simple and free life. She couldn’t afford to pay her rent on time, spend time on vacations, and enjoy a good life.

And she felt more terrible because she believed she did nothing wrong. All she did was reveal her sexuality, which to her, is a way of showing kindness to herself.

For a while, she entertained the idea of withdrawing the revelation about her sexuality. But soon, she came to her senses. She stood by her need to choose kindness for herself.

She held her ground. She advocated that everyone, men and women, shouldn’t hide their true selves.

Fortunately, her bravery was eventually rewarded. A TV network offered her a grand deal to start her show, and the rest was history.

How does kindness make a difference for you?

It’s up to you how you answer this question. The exact answer doesn’t matter. What’s important is that kindness makes a difference and you know it.

So if you want to make a difference in someone’s life, you can make it happen by showing them kindness.

Remember, the world can be a cruel place. And sure, it’s easy to accept it. Do you know what else can be as easy, though?

Refusing to simply accept it. And instead, do something about it.

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